Old player coming back and need help with defense (update)

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Re: Old player coming back and need help with defense

Postby Shinsui » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:40 pm

Keithustus wrote:

Very tempting dungeon since so many ways in...

(1) The top left is weak. Either a bomb wall or a Deeg to to either storage room then a flood of trolls, maybe with a thunderbolt, for the workshop and hatchery. If you put a bit more space between the corridor and those rooms, OR move the workshop to cover them, you'd get a lot less attacks.

(2) Use the torture chamber to protect the storage instead of being bomb-troll bait. Swap it with one.

(3) The crap-wall and poison trap in the bottom right is especially inviting since attacker will often have another bomb wall or two remaining. Cluck Off the vamp while trickling in trolls, then warlock heart = easy win.

At least your resources are spread out. That will make 100%s unlikely without mistresses. For that, the primary purpose of spring traps is to kill mistresses, particularly ones going for non-defensive rooms when the trolls go elsewhere.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips. The main goals right now are to protect resources so I can upgrade my stuff more quickly, and working on completing the survival raids. I will keep your tips in mind and change up a few things. One thing I did do is move some firetraps into that corridor above the graveyard to protect against people warlocking my heart from that way
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