No, I'm not whining, it's just good business.

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No, I'm not whining, it's just good business.

Postby melonfilms » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:44 am

I've loved playing DK since it's first incarnation for the PC. Although this mobile version is different, I still love it. It's the only game I actually enjoy on my mobile devices. I like the new version 7.0 upgrade. But here are some suggestions to make V7 even greater for us, the people you made this game for:

1. Since we can only upgrade one minion or immortal at a time, either give us one more slot so two (or even more) can upgrade simultaneously. Plus, since you've made it so that the upgrade takes so long, and costs so much for the higher levels, allow at least the immortals the ability to upgrade their abilities and/or levels based on their usage and activity. For example, their abilities or levels increase slightly for every time they are put into battle.

2. The cost of repairing traps is TOO HIGH. After every time my dungeon has been attacked, I have to repair my traps. Not only did I just lose tons of gold, but now it costs me 900K gold to repair traps, so when I was just about to upgrade one of my rooms, or immortals or minions, now I have to go to battle again and hope I can get back the $3M gold I just lost. I'm fine with the idea of paying to repair traps...it keeps you on your toes as a Keeper to make your dungeon that much better, however, there are too many things that must be paid for by gold, so this added expense after every attack is over the top.

3. Since you've made upgrades go up to level 20 now, it elongates the time a player needs to be on the game. I love this game, but everything takes too long, and I feel like there are no levels of achievement for upper level players. There is no sense of gratification anymore. I used to be striving to achieve the 3200 trophy mark, but after that, it's nothing. All I do now is look forward to the wknd tournament. But even that isn't that interesting to me anymore. When I see players at the top increasing in trophies at an alarming rate, I feel no desire to keep playing (I'm currently at 6700 trophies). What's the point of going on? I've had 4 out of five players in my guild stop playing--whatever their reasons are, I'm not sure, but after 3200 trophies, or for any other achievement level for that matter, there doesn't seem to be a factor that's driving a player to WANT to keep playing. Again, I really like this game. I've spent about $300 on in game purchases (which is probably nothing in your eyes, but HUGE to me!). I can't justify spending any more money in this game, and I've lost my fervor in playing any more. The achievements and high level upgrades just seem out of my reach--like it'll take me YEARS to reach any level of satisfaction in the game any more. To conclude, this is what I'm saying: don't put things so far out of reach for the players that it drives them away from the game. I've been playing consistently since September 2015. I love it. But now, with the new upgrades (and even before V7 was released), everything just seems too far out of my reach to achieve. I don't really want to continue, but the only driving force right now is the guilt I feel because I spent $300 on the game so far.

Make the game fun again--I was pulled in at the beginning because achievements were so readily available and achievable at the beginning of the game. But at higher levels, it has just become monotonous.

I hope you read this. Thanks.
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Re: No, I'm not whining, it's just good business.

Postby pitofdespair » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:41 pm

I think we'd all like to see more options available. That being said, I find things more interesting now than a couple months ago where leveling immortals was just about all there was left. It's possible to have one building/trap finished every day without spending gems. Plus there's training and walls to do. It does slow down, and getting to the upper reaches of trophies is always going to be a challenge. If you feel like you're bogged down and need tips send me a msg (or let me know and I'll let you know when there's room in our guild).
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Re: No, I'm not whining, it's just good business.

Postby Kaihawaii » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:21 am

melonfilms wrote:I've loved playing (...)

1./3. = +1, immortas/minions experience system is always good & just give us more dread levels up to 100k TP
2. = -1, always too much gold in storage, when playing just 10 raids/day. @melonfilms: ^^ use cheaper raid party/attack richer dungeons?!
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Re: No, I'm not whining, it's just good business.

Postby JPN Keepers » Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:13 pm

1. It is linked with 3. I think EA designed on purpose to set the goal far away.

2. Repair cost is too high for new players but too low for old players. It needs to be balanced.

3. Trophy and DCR are only two achievements. Not everything.
We can defeat old players by good layout. Or destroy their dungeons by good raid skills.
We can win many stars in tourney and become a hero of the guild. Or build our own guild and win as a team.
And someday we will find you in the trophy board. :D Let's keep it up.
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