Prevent guild use in PvP raids

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Re: Prevent guild use in PvP raids

Postby JPN Keepers » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:40 pm

you have a good spirit. Win by strategy is how I play this game too!
Now guild banner makes you nuts. I know ghosts and vamps are tough and extra 20 minion points is a big handicap for starters.
I also know why everybody does not really listen to you. You will fined more unfairness as you play more.

For example, most of advance players can use 750 mana. With mana refill, they can use upto 1,500 mana.
Some spend gems on scout that tells the location of all invisible traps in advance.
They can disable traps and rooms in advance that you built with many imp hours, tons of gems and deep strategies.
On the top of such advantages, they also have an immortal revive for backup.
Strategy is meaningless. Money can buy the victory.

I hope EA looks at your post and think more about win by strategy that would attract more players.
JPN Keepers
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Re: Prevent guild use in PvP raids

Postby Treewhippet » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:25 am

JPN Keepers - thanks for the understanding. It's a great game and this issue won't stop me playing. In some ways it gives me more enjoyment when I have my revenge by destroying dungeons of much higher level without having to use extra minions or waste gems on boosts. But it does make progress very slow when these brainless attackers manage to plunder so much of my resources just by getting help from their guild in what is supposed to be one player against another player in the PvP battles.
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Re: Prevent guild use in PvP raids

Postby RedwoodElf » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:45 pm

I only just built my guildhall and made my own guild, still not sure how the banners work...so I can send critters to the guild, and then load them into the guildhall, and finally use the banner to bring them into a raid somehow?

I accidentally tapped on my phone just as Horny was explaining the banner, so I lost the opportunity to find out what it does exactly.
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Re: Prevent guild use in PvP raids

Postby purgatoria » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:31 pm

The guild skel releases your guild minions in whatever room you direct it to. It dose so 5 at a time, so if you have six selected one will have to die to release the sixth. This can be used to further disperse your released guild minions. Once the targeted room has been destroyed your guild minions will behave as regular minions and carry on targeting rooms as they are programmed to. Also the release of minions is tied to the order in which they were selected in guild.
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Re: Prevent guild use in PvP raids

Postby huggo025 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:20 pm

Plague wrote:Sorry to say it but you kinda miss the point of guild minions, and it's not cheating or cowardly.
Using your flawed logic then it must be 'cheating' to comparateur assurance chien use a captured immortal.

Agree with Xenjahr, now no need to think about fire trap like in the past. Just put trolls and let's go. A fire trap ? I don't care. Trolls will go on !
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