Make Trolls stronger!

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Make Trolls stronger!

Postby Azkaban Rus » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:29 am

I've waited for strong trolls about half year, but all what i had was +50hp and +4 damage...for more than 5 upgrades! Nor less damage from fire, neither more damage to buildings! To upgrade trolls to 15 level i had upgrade heart to 17 level, with lots another upgrades...and didn't get nothing! With whom do you suppose i should attack strong 200+ dungeons, which i see in more than 50% attacks?!!! All i want now is to delete this game!
Azkaban Rus
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Re: Make Trolls stronger!

Postby JPN Keepers » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:26 pm

2 cents from me.
1. Use a mistress with Trolls.
2. Avoid library and temple if possible.
3. Use a Necromancer when all Trolls are gone.
4. Send one Troll or Skeleton first to activate hidden traps then send a pack of 5-6 Trolls each time to avoid risks.
5. Use Skeletons against Vampires first then send Trolls to kill them. Vamps cannot turn Skeletons. Or use cluck off spell in advance.
6. Use Warlocks wisely to destroy a dungeon heart, treasury and warehouse. Trolls do attack them.
7. Disable Bug Zapper and Freeze trap before too late. Trolls go for opponents minions and traps first.

You may want to study the nature of Trolls and use more strategies than depending on its strength. It is the fun part of this game. :D
JPN Keepers
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Re: Make Trolls stronger!

Postby melonfilms » Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:17 pm

I agree with how slow and tedious the upgrade process is. Upgrades costing 13M gold and you only get an upgrade of 4-7 hit points per upgrade and every time you get near to that 13M gold threshold, someone attacks and you lose 2-3M gold and have to keep going to get it back.

Yes, the upgrade levels and costs in this game at the higher levels are ridiculously high and require too much work and effort to achieve. I only see buying gems as an option, and I've already spent enough on this "hobby" of a game. I deleted it once about 6 months ago and only recently reinstalled it hoping that there might have been some worthwhile changes. But to my dismay, I have only seen better upgrades for the highest levels. This game loses it's appeal to newbies that are just at 3200+ trophies. I'm at 7051, and I'm about to delete it again. Probably for good this time.

I understand all the strategy suggestions from other players, and they work to a degree for attacks, but when you only win about 1-2M gold or stone per battle, and it takes you 15-20 battles to gain enough gold or stone to upgrade ONLY 1 room/trap/minion at a time, it gets OLD real quick. I'm done too. I feel you man.
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