General gameplay suggestion....

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General gameplay suggestion....

Postby Horny_n_SD » Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:18 am

This may have been discussed ad nauseum already.... But I still see it being an issue now.... And I also just puffed some really good kind nugz, so F* it!

Awesome game overall... I justify my "subscription" style of playing as a small addiction. Most folks spend $5-10 a day on coffee/donuts so ughhh.... Yeah if I i spend that every month or so... No biggie right? Well maybe.... Maybe not...
Lately I have noticed that the level of Keepers I am defending against have gotten more and more advanced...and more difficult...making my "defense success" overall somewhat scarce & limited. Literally I get a legit victory once out of every like 40-50 attacks... And well.... That seems a little bit unfair.... And also unstustainable from a player.... But more importantly....from a *consumer's* perspective.
I will only play the game so much longer.... And make more purchases.... If I think that its not a 100% complete waste of my time... And money.

I'm currently Dread level 1....(about 3900 trophies) Which I have realized is a really crappy point in the game. Although half of my fellow Keepers may just say that I need to build a better dungeon.... And to that I would agree... Working on it!.... -as , most would say....
However I argue that even having the *BEST* dungeon layout possible.... At at my current level of play.. And traps... And immortals that it would not *fix* the problem...
And the problem is this:
With or without.... All of my traps set.... I am getting attacked by Keepers with... 10K.... 15k.... 30k..... Even 50-60K trophies. It really doesnt matter if my traps are set at those levels..... I literally have zero chance of ever successfully defending against those odds... So then whats the point of resetting?!? Its a total waste of resources.
And so while this was "funny" a few times.... It has really gotten old.
During the tournaments, I don't even bother resetting my traps as I get attacked so frequently.... Attacks that are 90-95% defeats... That it doesn't even make sense...because the attacks are so mismatched. On the rare occasion that I *am* attacked by someone around my trophy count- I do fairly well... So I know my Dungeon and play style are not completely the problem....
I also sometimes get paired w folks who are just starting the game out...like level 1..... Where I only need a few trolls and 1 wizard.. Or even tiny to snuff em out. Yes I can pass on these.... But why should I? I'm getting equally blasted by unfair matchups.... And when you are in tournament mode... with that dreadstone addiction... You gotta earn them stars quick!
To sum it up... I would think that capping the differences in gameplay levels in re: to attack/defend should be around 50-75%. Meaning if I have around 3K trophies.... Then I should be getting attacked by folks around 1.5-6K..... No more.... And no less...
This would make the game at least *somewhat* fair and realistic...

As it stands now.... I see myself getting more "basic" and spending my hard earned fund$ on something that gives more bang back (caffeine) for the buck....like my medium salted caramel frappacino....
Even though they deny us the Himalayan pink salt to only 4 months out of the year.
Evil fuckers. (Rips B-load)
Addiction is real.... (Holding hit..... Holding hit....)
I need better a better high for my gold spent. (Exhaaaaaale..)
Cough cough cough cough cough....gruff gruff.

Am I missing something here Developers/Elder Keepers?
If so, please enlighten.

-Stoned & Horny n SD
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Re: General gameplay suggestion....

Postby JPN Keepers » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:56 pm

Horny n SD,

I agree almost all you said except caramel frappacino. I prefer coffee frappacino. 8-)
As complaint does not help you, here is two cents.

When you design your dungeon, do not use traps as stand alone.
Use them with other traps. Combination trap. Here is some examples:

1. Fire Mushroom
Make a hole on your dungeon wall, put a mushroom in the hole and close it by a door.
Then put a fire trap in front of the door.
Mushroom attracts trolls and fire burns them up.
Dante can be substitution of mushroom. Missile also attracts trolls if opponent has scout.

2. Trap Wall
Zipper, ice, mushroom and cannon are considered as a wall or door when they are disabled.
Build a wall with the above traps where you want to protect. Opponent's minions will go around the trap wall.
Ice wall is the best trap wall.

3. Trap Flow
Do not try to stop opponent's minions by wall but make an entrance for them.
Let them march through the entrance and crash them by rock and other traps.

Mimic is the best way to learn. I recommend to copy some old players dungeons and learn how they work.
Good luck!
JPN Keepers
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Re: General gameplay suggestion....

Postby Horny_n_SD » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:31 pm

Thx for your feedback and advice JPN Keepers! Much appreciated.
I think my dungeon currently is set up like that -to use traps and room layout together for the best possible defense- However I feel like when you get attacked by such an advanced player (10-50K), that it doesn't even matter what kind....or how many traps you have -The immortal Sir Caphagus will just bulldoze through everything with his beam of death.... There is no chance to survive him. :-/ I just wish there was a "cap" or limit on how advanced a player can attack you.... Oh well. I do enjoy the game overall, but this aspect of it is very frustrating, and makes me not want to keep purchasing resources, etc.
Anyways, Cheers w beers
-Horny n SD
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Re: General gameplay suggestion....

Postby Kongar » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:15 pm

By crossing into Dread1 (3200 trophies), you've thrown a switch in the game to allow those big dungeons to attack with a much higher frequency. Those free gems had a price... just like free drinks in a club.

Maybe a review of the 3200 transition point in the game is needed. Is there a good enough population of dungeons above 4500 to support enjoyment for those competitive players?

Should small enough dungeons reward zero trophies to attackers above 3200? 4500?

Hopefully you can target thier resources to recover your loss.

If the attack quickly after you log out, make sure to knock out your immortal before you leave. No reason to have it taken.
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