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A Classic spell we NEED: Call To Arms

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:38 pm
by RedwoodElf
This spell has been in every version of the game since the very first Bullfrog game. Given that you have no "hand of evil" to plop your minions down where you want them after they're deployed, something to control them with is sorely needed.

Like the original version, it would cost mana depending on how long it is "on", based on its level

Level 1: 5 mana per second
+1 Level, -1 Mana per second to level 5 (1 mana per second) then add 1 second per level to the time it takes to use 1 mana.

Effect: Places a Call To Arms flag on any nonwall tile in the dungeon. All of your creatures have their normal "Seek" behavior temporarily replaced with "Seek Call to Arms Flag" and will attack any room near the flag once they reach it. Recasting the spell moves the flag.