enougth 0 trophy and 300dcr

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enougth 0 trophy and 300dcr

Postby Troudouillet » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:14 pm

Do you find this normal ? ! ?


Enougth of this !

Why ?

Fisrt :
I think Young player are really happy to be destroy by big dcr, and find only big dcr to start game.

Second :
All of this big player with low trophy, i can't attack them because game never propose yo me these big dcr

Third :
In tournament, xith star calculation, these player do a lot of star. Attack a small dcr give 800 stars when you are a big player. And you fon't have to spend mana.

Solution :
Game must propose almost same dcr for fight, and that all.
An other improvement can be to change star calculation : calculation must depend only opponent dcr. Not my dcr.
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Re: enougth 0 trophy and 300dcr

Postby Kongar » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:04 pm

First, i have many small dungeons. I love it when they are hit by these types of sandbaggers. Fills my gold and stone and gives me plenty of stars. Also, really small ones have only seen a single sandbagger attack over the last year. EA may allow these attacks, but not register them against the small defender. And... my baby matches her equivalent range, rarely rarely rarely sees a sandbagger. I've made few raids with her.

Second, my sandbagger is spanked by high trophy players... and I like it. They take 9-10million reward each time. It would be interesting to see how much I've "donated" to building thier dungeons.

Third, nothing is free. There are limitations to sandbagging and matching isn't exactly as you envision.

If you believe that sandbagging offers a huge advantage... build one. Most (if not all) sandbaggers are played by leaderboard players.

Games should offer multiple avenues of play... not just a single option.
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