A space for Immortal + A space for minion

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A space for Immortal + A space for minion

Postby Mincho » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:44 am

We really need in the training room;
1 space for minion
1 space for immortals.

The game really gets very slow with only one space.

** Which in my case encourages me to play alone, win thousands of gems and accelerate again and again, week by week.
This affects the clans, as more and more people see themselves doing this (playing alone and accelerating).
* In addition there should be a greater reward for the clans (active players inside), since it does not compensate the spent to the won (in gems) .. so that today we compensate the rewards, we must play in a tournament between 1-4 players ... the little guilds are dissolving :(
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