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Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:19 am

I am unable to purchase gems. What’s wrong?
To purchase gems, you must ensure that in-app purchases are enabled on your device.

I purchased gems, but they did not come through. What should I do?
There can sometimes be a delay in fulfillment, so it may be a simple matter of just waiting a bit for the gems to be credited to your account.
If more than 15 minutes has transpired since your purchase, as an initial troubleshooting step, please completely close out the game/app, and restart it.
If your newly-purchased gems still aren’t showing up in your account, please submit a Support ticket from inside the game:

From the game menu, select the “?” icon to open a two-tabbed menu of options. Select the SUPPORT tab, in the upper-right.
On the Support menu, select Contact Us
On the Contact Us menu, select Store Purchase Issue
In the What did you purchase? menu, select Gems
In the text field that appears, please provide a detailed description of your problem, and be sure to enter a valid email address below, so that our CS department can contact you in an attempt to resolve your issue.
Click Submit, and you’re done!

How am I charged for purchases in game?
You are billed the same way as for any other purchases that you make on your device. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the charge is through your iTunes account. On Android devices, your purchases are made through Google Play accounts.

How do I disable in-app Purchases?
To avoid situations in which purchases are made accidentally/inadvertently, please follow the steps below for your mobile device. Also, please note that these steps will need to be performed for EACH mobile device from which you would like to restrict purchasing. In-app purchases are DEVICE-SPECIFIC, not account-specific.

To restrict in-app purchases for iOS devices:
• Press the Settings Icon
• Tap General
• Tap Restrictions
• Tap Enable Restrictions
• Enter a PIN code
• Confirm PIN code
• Scroll to the bottom of the page and select off next to In-app Purchases

To restrict in-app purchasing for Android devices:
• Open Google Play
• Press your Menu button
• Tap Settings
• Select the option Set or Change Pin
• Enter a PIN Code
• Confirm PIN Code
• Check the box next to Use PIN for purchases
• Please note that you will need to have Google Play version 3.1 or higher

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