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Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:11 pm

How do I submit a support ticket?
In order to contact support, you access the Support menu as follows:

From the game menu (the triangle that points to the right, appearing in the upper-left of your Dungeon), select the “?” icon to open a two-tabbed menu of options.
Select the SUPPORT tab, in the upper-right.
On the Support menu, select Contact Us

Depending on your specific issue, you may find your answer(s) in one of several different FAQs for the game (this FAQ being one of them!), and/or the online Forums. Therefore, you have the option to navigate to those areas from the Support menu.

If you need to report another player for inappropriate behavior (and/or a violation of our Terms of Service), you may select Report Player from the main Support menu. You will then be presented with several different categories (via drop-down menu) from which you may select the appropriate one for your situation.

If you need to contact our Customer Support department for other kinds of issues (store purchases, resource spending, Feedback, Bug Reports), you may select the Contact Us option from the main Support menu. Once again, you will be presented with a drop-down menu from which you may choose your most appropriate category.

Whichever category you select, please be sure to provide a detailed description of your problem in the accompanying text field(s), and be sure to enter a valid email address, so that our CS department can contact you in an attempt to resolve your issue.

Once you’ve filled out the requisite information, simply click Submit, and you’re done! Our CS department will process your request accordingly.

The game says I have been suspended from the game. What can I do?
If you have been suspended (temporarily) from the game, you must wait for that suspension to expire. Customer Support is unable to remove a suspension, so we advocate reviewing the Terms of Service during the time that you are unable to access the game due to the suspension.

What is your Privacy Policy?
You can view EA's privacy policy by visiting http://www.ea.com/custom/privacy-policy

I have a lot of suggestions for new things for the game. How do I give them to you?
We love to hear from our players, and we have several mechanisms in place that allow for you to contact us with your Feedback!

The BEST way for your Feedback to get to where it needs to go is by submitting a Feedback support ticket from within the game (please see above for the required steps). Alternatively, you may post on the Dungeon Keeper Forums or submit your Feedback via email to Community@dungeonkeeper.com.

How do I report a bug?
Similar to submitting Feedback, we have a few different ways in which you may contact us regarding a suspected bug that you’ve encountered in the game:

Once again, the best way to report this is by submitting a Bug Report support ticket from within the game. Additionally, you may visit the Bug Reports section of the Dungeon Keeper forums here. The last method at your disposal is to submit your information via email to Community@dungeonkeeper.com (but this really should be your last resort, for Bug Reports.)

Please be sure to provide as much information as is prudent, so that our QA department can attempt to reproduce the bug that you are reporting.

Additionally, if the problem that you’re having results in any kind of performance issue, or crashing… please be sure to supply information about your specific device, operating system and internet connection.

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