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Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:35 pm

Can you provide us with an overview of the game, objectives, etc?
Build the ultimate underground lair and summon dark forces to do your bidding. From Imps and Trolls, to Bile Demons and Warlocks, you’ll need more than your wit to stop invaders bent on destroying your dungeon’s heart. Maximize your defenses to thwart invaders with expertly laid traps and dungeon design. Then, attack enemy dungeons and plunder their resources – it’s good to be bad. With comically sinister interactions, brilliant character art, and addictive PVP/PVE action, Dungeon Keeper will soon become your guiltiest of pleasures.

There are several different overall objectives:

Devise and build a dungeon, which ultimately enables you to summon an “army” of diabolical Minions that can be used to defend your own dungeon, or to raid the dungeons of your opponents (other players, or artificial AI, in the case of the single-player campaign). Which, in turn, will allow you to plunder resources from your opponent, in addition to acquiring Evil Points (used in matching you against other players in PVP engagements).

Manage your resources. Several features in the game are not unlocked until certain prerequisites are met. Want the ability to summon the Vampire minion? Well, you’re going to need to have a Graveyard present in your dungeon. And that requires your Dungeon Heart being upgraded to Level 5 (which will have its own associated costs), in addition to paying a fixed amount of Stone resources for the building of that Room.

So, to accomplish the above objectives, you’ll need and want to: acquire Gold, acquire Stone, build/upgrade Rooms and structures, build/upgrade Traps, summon/upgrade Minions, research/upgrade Spells. You’ll want to consider your actions carefully, and base your decisions upon a combination of research, trial and error, and exposure to other players’ dungeons. Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it!

Do you have any information on individual Minions, Rooms, Traps and/or Spells?
We certainly do! Check out this area of our internal forums!

What benefit do gems provide?
Gems can be used in a variety of ways! Typically, they’re used to speed up build/dig timers, in the event that you don’t want to wait for a particular thing to be built. However, gems may also be used to: acquire Gold or Stone; acquire more imps; top off Mana; purchase various Boosts that provide a variety of different benefits. (Check out the full details of Boosts in the in-game Store!)

I just raided another player’s dungeon, and when everything was over – and I returned to my own dungeon, I was dismayed to find that some of my Minions had disappeared! What happened?
When you deploy Minions during an offensive raid, and/or when Minions are defeated while defending your own Dungeon, those Minions are “consumed”. This makes strategizing a little more important on your part! (When testing your own Dungeon, Minions are not consumed as outlined above.)

How many Minions am I allowed to have at one time?
Your overall capacity is gated by how many Hatcheries you have. The more Hatcheries you have (and the higher you’ve leveled them) will increase your overall dungeon population capacity. There is currently a hard cap of 115, but this may change. (We'll be sure to update this document if/when this changes.)

Also, everyone is currently capped at a maximum of 39 Skeletons.

To make things MORE interesting, each kind of Minion takes up a certain “allotment” of your population capacity. For example, an individual Skeleton will only use up 1 population point; Trolls use up 2 points; Warlocks, 3 points; and so on. When looking at the Summoning Portal of your Dungeon Heart, be sure to check out each Minion’s individual stats by clicking the blue “i” (for Information) box in the upper-right of their portrait, of the Summon Queue window.

Why can’t I chat with other players?
This will be a feature that was be available once guilds are implemented (shortly after launch)!

What is Mana, what is it used for, and where do I get it?
Mana is the magical energy that is used to fuel Spells that you research in your Dark Library. You must have a Dark Library built, in order to begin harvesting it (much in the same way that you must have gold mines and stone quarries, in order to harvest those resources). Mana is also available for purchase with gems. You will have a finite amount of mana that you can have “in reserve”, depending on the level of your Dark Library.

What’s this business about slapping imps?
Slapping imps (we prefer the term “Incentivizing”!) will increase their productivity by 100%, for a duration of time (the duration increases, the more imps you have in your employ). Since imps are the ones that do all the grunt work in your dungeon (tunneling, building/upgrading rooms, etc.), it’s to your advantage to ensure that your imps are REGULARLY incentivized.

What is a Cave-In, and how does it work?
A Cave-In prevents opponents from attacking your dungeon for a period of time. The Cave-In is cleared when its time has ran out, or when you attack another player’s dungeon.

What happens when the Cave-In runs out?
When you exit the game without a Cave-In active, your dungeon will be open to attack from other players. Even though your Rooms and Traps will not remain damaged after an attack, some of your hard-earned resources will be stolen, should you lose.

Can I reset the game back to the beginning?
You cannot restart the game, but it is possible to create a new account through Game Center or Google Play, thus creating a new game that way.

Can I change my dungeon’s name, after I’ve made my initial selection?
This is possible, for a small fee (currently: 50 gems).

How does the Combat Point system work?
Combat Points are the combined sum of Attack Points and Defense Points that are earned during PVP battles. Combat Points can only be increased through gameplay, they do not decrease. Attack Points are earned when you attack an opponent’s Dungeon. Defense Points are earned when your Dungeon is attacked by an opponent. Combat Points are displayed on the HUD in the upper left corner.

Additionally, in order to upgrade your Dungeon Heart to higher levels, it will be necessary to have the requisite number of Combat Points.

How do Evil Points work?
Evil Points, unlike Combat Points, can increase or decrease based off of your battle performance. You earn Evil Points when you win a battle against an opponent, and you lose them when you lose battles. Evil Points are also displayed on the HUD in the upper left corner. You may have to select the Combat Points icon to change it to the Evil Points icon.

How does the matchmaking process work?
Matches for Player vs. Player (PVP) gameplay are created through a matchmaking process that is based off a fairly complex algorithm that take several factors into consideration, including Dungeon composition, unlocks/upgrades, training, etc.

How do I upgrade my Rooms?
Rooms are upgraded when certain criteria for the Dungeon Heart level, and stone or gold amounts are met. Simply select the Room and select the Upgrade button, and your imps will begin upgrading the room. Once their work is done (longer durations, the higher level the Room), the Room will “level up”!

How do I upgrade my Traps?
Traps are upgraded when certain criteria for the Workshop level, and stone or gold amounts are met. Select the Trap and select the Upgrade button, and your imps will begin upgrading the Trap. Once their work is done (longer durations, the higher level the Trap), the Trap will “level up”!

You can increase your Trap capacity by claiming/upgrading more mines, and upgrading your Workshop. Keep in mind, however, that the more mines you open, the greater the number of access points your opponents will have to infiltrate your dungeon, making strategic expansion critical!

How do I upgrade Gold Mines and Stone Quarries?
Gold Mines can be upgraded when certain stone-related criteria are met, and stone quarries can be upgraded when certain gold-related criteria are met. Select the gold mine or stone quarry, select the Upgrade button, and your imps will begin working. Once complete, the gold mine or stone quarry will be upgraded.

How do I upgrade the Dungeon Heart?
The Dungeon Heart can be upgraded when certain Combat Points criteria are met, and the requisite Stone cost is paid. Select the Dungeon Heart and then select the upgrade button and your imp will begin working on it, when the imp is done building the Dungeon Heart will be upgraded.

How do I upgrade Minions?
In order to upgrade Minions, you must first build a Training Room. Once the Training Room is built, you will be able to access the Training functionality, via a Train button that appears when selecting the Training Room. This will take you to a Training screen, where you will be able to select the Minion(s) whose level you wish to increase, for a Gold cost (varying, depending on the Minion, and the level).

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