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Exclusive/Event Raids FAQ

Postby Gene_Mythic » Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:29 pm

What are Exclusive/Events Raids, exactly?
Exclusive/Event Raids in Dungeon Keeper (currently, they appear as Event Raids, in the Raids interface) are reoccurring weekly events in the game in which you are tasked to optimize your Dungeon’s layout and defenses to withstand up to 10 waves of invading minions. Gameplay is most similar to tower defense, as the invading minions descend upon your Dungeon.

Is there a cost associated with attempting these kinds of Raids?
Your first attempt is free; additional attempts are possible, but there is a gem cost associated with doing so. As the rewards for completing the 10th wave are quite lucrative, some Keepers find this a worthwhile expenditure for the re-attempt.

What kinds of rewards are there for completing these kinds of raids?
Should you survive ALL 10 waves of the raid, the rewards can be quite nice: you can win a maximum payout of up to 522,700 stone and gold (or your maximum gold and stone capacity, whichever is less), as well as 46 gems (see the chart below). In addition, in between waves, you regenerate 100 mana (per wave).

Even if you're unable to defend successfully against all 10 waves, however, there are still some nice rewards in store for you, as indicated in the chart below. PLEASE NOTE: Raid resources earnings below are per-wave; These values are current as of February 25, 2014, and are subject to change:

GoldStoneGemsMana Regen
Wave 11001001100
Wave 22002001100
Wave 34004001100
Wave 48008001100
Wave 51,2001,2002100
Wave 62,0002,0002100
Wave 73,0003,0002100
Wave 85,0005,0003100
Wave 910,00010,0003100
Wave 10500,000500,00030100

The above rewards are issued on a wave-by-wave basis. Therefore, the longer you're able to last, the more resources you’ll win. While it can be challenging (especially at first) to make it through all 10 waves, the first time you're able to clear that last wave is very satisfying! :)

Aside from the rewards listed above, why else would I want to participate in these kinds of Raids?
These can be a great way to work on increasing your Spell experience, especially given that you regenerate 100 mana between waves.

When are these kinds of rewards available? How often?
Currently, there are two types of Exclusive/Event Raids, including ‘regular’ and ‘event’ raids which are scheduled on the following:
  • Currently (as of late March 2014), there are two regular weekly Event Raids:
    • Raid 1 - Mon 14:00 GMT to Wed 01:00 GMT
    • Raid 2 - Wed 14:00 GMT to Sun 01:00 GMT
  • Event raids appear on a promotional basis, deviating slightly from the above "normal" schedule, with unique reward payouts and challenges.
Is there a minimum threshold (Dungeon level, etc.) for participating?
No, everyone can participate!

Exclusive/Event Raids can be challenging, and new players might find them a bit daunting, at first. That said, don’t be discouraged, Keepers, and persevere! These Raids are a great way to test your own Dungeon, and optimize defenses. Since rewards are issued on a wave-to-wave basis, there’s no “risk” to play. The longer you last, the more resources you stand to win.

We’ve asked two of our Dungeon Keeper designers for their strategies for the devious Keeper:

Justin Lyle, Designer: Each wave you complete allows you to be awarded 100 mana, cast Cluck Off! whenever your defenses are in danger of being overwhelmed. "Cluck Off all the way!”
Chris Balzhiser, Designer: Deploy skeletons (or other minions) to fight in designated kill-zones, but wait until your attackers are within a few tiles of them. Attackers will turn around to engage your Minions and take additional damage trekking back through your Traps. Recommended for lower-level players.

Remember, practice makes perfect, guys and gals! Experienced Keepers are encouraged to share their strategies here!

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