Reinforced Walls Changes (Game Update #2)

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Reinforced Walls Changes (Game Update #2)

Postby Gene_Mythic » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:55 pm

What changes are we making to the Bomb Wall spell and Reinforced Walls?
We will be changing the interaction between the Bomb Wall spells and Reinforced Walls to be hitpoint based instead of the current binary system where Bomb Wall is only useful on Soft/Medium/Hard Rock and Reinforced Walls are completely indestructible This means that the Bomb Wall spell will do damage to Reinforced Walls and when a wall reaches 0 hitpoints it will be destroyed. Reinforced Walls will become level-able (similar to Traps and Rooms) and each level will give it more hitpoints. Leveling the Bomb Wall spell will allow it to do more damage. We haven't forgotten about Deeg & Dugger, either. More information on them later.

What’s wrong with the current system?
Currently Reinforced Walls are very binary in design, you either have them and they're completely indestructible or you don’t and have very little protection from the Bomb Wall spell. This has several consequences:

  • Because Reinforced Walls are so powerful we are limited in how many we can give you to play with since too many would make you practically impenetrable.
  • The Reinforced Walls' power also means that currently, to keep balance manageable, the full allowance are only accessible to very high level players.
  • Low-mid level players can feel overly vulnerable to the Bomb Wall spell while high level players can sometimes feel like Bomb Wall becomes useless if the defender has too many walls.
  • Because Bomb Wall is completely ineffective against Reinforced Walls the presence of lots of Walls can make the attacker feel like they don’t have any choices, instead of having interesting choices in how they use the Bomb Wall spell and plan their attack.

What will the new Reinforced Walls actually be like?
The new Reinforced Walls will have ten levels and will be unlocked at Workshop level 2. Building and upgrading the new walls will be instant so that you always have the full benefits of your walls if you are attacked.

WallLevelStone CostHit Points

Upgrading your workshop will allow you to build more walls.

Workshop LevelMax # Walls

What about the current Reinforced Walls I’ve already built?

  • All Reinforced Walls that were built for 10,000 stone will be converted into level 1 new Reinforced Walls.
  • All Reinforced Walls that were built for 1,600,000 stone will be converted into level 7 new Reinforced Walls.
  • All Reinforced Walls that were built for 6,500,000 stone will be converted into level 9 new Reinforced Walls.

What about Soft, Medium, and Hard Rock?

  • Soft Rocks now have 100 hitpoints.
  • Medium Gem Veins now have 200 hitpoints.
  • Hard Gem Veins now have 400 hitpoints.

How will the new system help the defender?

  • You will get access to more Reinforced Walls overall which will allow more interesting defensive set ups and let you truly protect the Rooms or approaches you care about most.
  • Cheaper upgrades will allow you to continually upgrade your Reinforced Walls as you have resources available instead of having to save up a lot of Stone to build one.
  • Smart defenders can set up Reinforced Walls to tempt the attacker to expend all their mana and spells to get through.

What will happen to the Bomb Wall Spell?
The Bomb Wall spell now has 10 levels and will do increasing damage per level. The maximum effect radius has been reduced to 3x3. We are keeping the mana cost at 3x3 levels so you won’t be paying the current 5x5 mana cost for a 3x3 spell. If the current experience earned exceeds to new experience thresholds then you will be granted an instant upgrade.

Bomb Wall levelMana CostAOE sizeDamageExperience Required

How will the new system help the attacker?

  • Lower experience thresholds will allow you to level up your spell more often.
  • You can cast two or three low level Bomb Walls to destroy a high level wall, giving you more choice in how you attack.
  • Each level up of the Bomb Wall spell becomes more and more advantageous as you can take out lower level walls and two casts take out higher and higher walls.

What about Deeg & Dugger?
Deeg & Dugger will now deal "Burrow Damage" every 1s. This is called out in his Info Panel and increases with each level. He will now dig through Soft, Medium, and Hard Rock in addition to Reinforced Walls. This does mean you can cast Bomb Wall on at a location where they are digging to expedite the process.

What will the result be on the game?
These changes will make the gameplay between Bomb Wall and Reinforced walls and lot more interesting. It will give both attackers and defenders a lot more options in how they set up their dungeon, attack, and where they decide to spend their resources. It also will allow players to continually improve their walls and Bomb Wall spell throughout the game instead of just at the higher Dungeon Heart levels.

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