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FAQ: Rearm Consumable Traps

Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:19 pm

What's this all about?
For some time, players have asked for the ability to be able to rearm all consumable Traps in one fell swoop, rather than having to replace them after being used. Now... you can!

Once a consumable Trap has been used, it will remain in its original location but remain in it’s ‘deployed’ position, accompanied by a visual effect to make it more apparent. When one of these Traps is selected, players will now be prompted with a "Rearm" button. If pressed, the Trap will be rearmed for the same gold cost as original purchase/placement.

Now here's the beautiful part: If more than 1 trap has been used, tapping on this Trap will trigger a 2nd button: “Rearm All”. This button will display the combined cost of all deployed Traps, and tapping it will automatically replace all offline/inactive Traps with online/active versions of themselves!

Additionally, if any consumable Traps are offline when you reconnect to the game, the “We’ve Been Attacked” screen will also display a button to rearm them all by paying the applicable Gold cost.

If a player ever doesn't have enough Gold to rearm his/her Traps, a prompt will trigger asking if they would like to purchase the required amount. If you choose to proceed, the Gold will be purchased and the requisite amount automatically spent on rearming all Traps. If you decline, no Traps will be rearmed, and it will become necessary to rearm them manually once you have enough Gold.

What happens if I have any offline/inactive Traps and I get attacked before I have a chance to rearm them?
If you have any offline Traps while being attacked, they will be hidden entirely from your attacker, and treated as if they were not present at all.


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