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Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:35 pm

So what's so special about being in a guild? Why would I want to start or join one?
Aside from the social aspects of being in a guild, where you'll have access to guild chat (where you can ask questions, get strategy advice/opinions, etc.), guild members are also able to donate Minions to a "shared pool" from which other members may withdraw, to use in their own dungeons and raids. And lest we forget, there's also the element of working together towards common goals (ie, Guild Achievements). As these Achievements are completed, this serves to "level" the guild up; which, in turn, unlocks the ability to purchase some of the more tangible benefits of being in a guild: Guild Perks.

And as of Game Update #3 (released Apr 23, 2014), there are now Guild Tournaments!

What are Guild Perks?
There are ten separate Guild Perks, each having three tiers of potency (conveying a 2%, then a 5%, then a 10% bonus as the Perk strengthens.) The Perks are:
Tap for Mana – Mana is generated at an increased rate from the Dark Library by 2/5/10%
Calloused Hands – Imps dig faster by 2/5/10%
Leg Day – Minions train faster in the Training Room by 2/5/10%
It’s All in the Wrist – Imps are motivated for 2/5/10% longer
Wizards Only, Fool. – Spell experience required to level up decreased by 2/5/10%
Binders Full of Minions – Reduces the cool down on Minion donation and withdrawal by 2/5/10%
Deeper Keepers – Gather Stone and Gold faster by 2/5/10%
Volunteers – Summons Minions faster by 2/5/10%
Power Play - Boosts last longer by 2/5/10%
No, Seriously, They Are - Immortals are incapacitated for shorter duration by 2/5/10%

Perks are purchased in ascending order, meaning that the Level 3 Guild Perk (for example) can't be purchased until the Level 2 Guild Perk has been purchased. Additionally, Guild Perks are unlocked in a specific sequence. For example:

Guild Level 1 - Tap for Mana 2%
Guild Level 2 - Binders Full of Minions 2%
Guild Level 3 - Leg Day 2%
Guild Level 4 - Volunteers 2%
Guild Level 5 - It's All in the Wrist 2%

To see the complete progression through Guild Level 30, click the View Perks button in the upper right-hand corner of your main Guild Info page.

What do you mean by purchase?
As mentioned above, as Guild Achievements are completed, and the Guild levels up, the ability to purchase Perks and their upgrades becomes unlocked. There is a gold cost associated with each tier of Perks, which becomes costlier the higher up you go. Members of a guild are able to collectively donate from their own personal Gold coffers to a communal "guild bank". These individual contributions are tracked and viewable on the main Guild Info page. It's important to note that there is a finite limit to each Guild Level's Gold donation cap. It won't be possible to continue donating Gold until the Guild manages to level via completion of Guild Achievements.

Technically, it's possible to level a guild by completing Achievements to any particular level without purchasing any Guild Perks, although we're not sure why you'd want to. :) Guild Perks, especially at the higher tiers, grant some pretty significant bonuses!

How do I know what level my guild is? Where does this surface?
When viewing the main Guild Info page (by selecting your Guild Lair room, then clicking on the Guild Lair button), you'll see the name of your guild at the very top. Immediately below this, on the left, is your guild's emblem, displayed on a banner in the upper-right corner. Immediately to the right of this is a status bar that shows your guild's progress towards Guild Achievements. On this bar, sits a red Horny silhouette, with your guild's level printed on it. Below this, you'll find the current number of members in your guild, and the Type (Public, Invite Only, or Closed).

How many Achievements are required to level up the Guild?
For the first few levels, it requires 2 new Guild Achievements to advance to each new level.
As the Guild levels up, the number of required new Guild Achievements increases.

So how do I start or join a Guild?
To do either, you'll first need to build a Guild Lair in your dungeon.

To start a guild, from the Guild menu (accessed by clicking on your Guild Lair), click the 'Start Guild' button in the upper-left corner. You'll receive a popup window where you can check to make sure that the name you want is available. Once ready to create your guild, click the 'Start Guild' button, which will also (as indicated) charge you 200 gems.

To join a guild, from the Guild menu (accessed by clicking on your Guild Lair), you can do a search a particular guild by their guild name. (And if you want an idea about what guilds out there might be recruiting, the Guilds section here on the forums is a GREAT place to search for one!) Once you've found the guild that you're looking for in the Search, you can highlight that guild, and click Join. Depending on the settings of the particular guild (and whether they currently have room; there's a maximum of 50 guild members), you might join right away, or have a request sent to the Leader and Lieutenants which must be approved before admittance, or the attempt to join may fail because there is no room, or the guild is set to Closed (not currently accepting new members).

What are the different levels of membership?
Leader, Lieutenant and Regular Member.

There can only ever be one Leader, which initially is granted to the founder of the Guild. The Leader can promote members to Lieutenants, and demote Lieutenants to members. The leader is also able to kick both Lieutenants and members out of the Guild, in addition to being able to accept new members. The Leader may also promote a Lieutenant to replace him/her as Guild Leader... but it is important to note that should a Guild Leader choose to do so, they are in effect renouncing their own Leader status, and will be demoted to the status of Lieutenant. There is a confirmation window with a red warning button that hopefully serves to mitigate mistakes from happening. Please use extreme caution when promoting.

There can be an unlimited number of Lieutenants. Lieutenants can promote members to Lieutenants, and are able to accept new members and kick out existing members. They cannot kick out other Lieutenants, nor can they demote other Lieutenants.

Regular Members have no special permissions.

What happens if my guild leader goes inactive without promoting anyone to take their place?
Currently, there is no "autopromotion feature" that will replace an inactive guild leader. Nor is there a mechanism that allows active members to "vote kick" an inactive Leader.

Possible solutions have been, and continue to be, discussed by the game team.

These kinds of decisions are not made lightly... especially given the fact that there are a number of reasons why someone may need/want to be inactive for a period of time. And while there's a certain "communal ownership" felt by members of any particular guild (especially given the contributory facets of being in one), guild "ownership" still technically belongs to the person who plunked down 200 gems to start the guild.

Again, this is still under discussion; we've heard from several of you, from both sides of the argument. If and when a decision is made to implement something that allows for autopromotion due to an inactive guild leader, we'll be sure to let everyone know!

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