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Guild Tournaments 101

Postby Gene_Mythic » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:38 pm

Guild Tournaments - Show your guild’s might in weekly Tournaments. Fight to win the exclusive rank of Horny’s Chosen and GEM AND DREADSTONE PAYOUTS!
  • Tournaments are broken into two phases: the Qualifiers (held to determine which guilds will participate) and the Tournament, itself.
    • The top 20 Guilds (based on guild leaderboard standing) at the end of the Qualifiers will automatically be seated for the Horny’s Chosen bracket, which is for the elite of the elite.
    • The rest of the seats in the Tournament will be given out in order as Guilds achieve the minimum requirement to qualify (currently 150 Victory Stars.)
    • The first five guilds to reach the goal will be added to the Horny’s Chosen bracket as Challengers.
    • The next 1,000 guilds to qualify will be put in the standard Tournament, and will be broken out into brackets of 50 guilds each.
    • Once all seats are filled, no additional guilds will be seated until the next qualifying round.
    • Any Victory Star progress during Qualifiers will be thrown out after that phase, and all Guilds will start on an equal footing in the Tournament phase and any subsequent Qualifiers.
    • Players will be able to view how many seats are available, what their guild status is towards the qualifying goal, and individual participation of Guild members, so they can push to get included.
  • Once the qualifiers are over, the tournament phase will begin.
    • To win (and qualify for prizes), Guilds will want to be in the top 3 of their bracket.
    • Rank in brackets is based on the number of victory stars accumulated by that guild over the course of the Tournament.
    • Prizes for Horny’s Chosen are extremely rewarding, and the 1st-place Guild will also receive a championship ring on their Guild showing that they won this elite Tournament. The ring will increment if the Guild wins multiple tournaments.
    • Winning guilds will have their reward split automatically amongst the Guild's members, based on participation. (i.e., if you were individually responsible for 50% of the star gains, you would receive 50% of the overall reward.
  • Once the Tournament phase is over, winners are calculated, paid out, and a new qualifying round will begin soon thereafter.
  • Any qualified Guild that did not win will have a chance to win the Tournament Lottery for a substantial gem payout.
  • Values, time-frames, and payouts are subject to change over the course of subsequent Tournaments.



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