Postby DKDev_Chris » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:01 am

Defends: Guard Post

Available: Once your Guard Post is upgraded to Level 7, Glarggl is available - at the time of this writing - for purchase, for the price of 2500 Gems

Normal offensive target priorities: Minions > Rooms | Traps

Hit Points: Medium

Damage: Medium

Description: Glarrgl the sea-monster has emerged from the depths and is poised to leave his mark on this realm! Glarrgl's special powers include the ability to temporarily disable defensive Rooms and the ability to Stun enemy Minions. In addition, his dreaded Ink Ball attack becomes more powerful (cooldown reduced and disable duration increased) every 5 Training levels, but will require a hefty amount of Dreadstone.
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Re: Glarggl

Postby pitofdespair » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:36 am

If people want to post Glarggl stats as they find them, I can summarize them here.

Training cost
    Level 2: Gold; 6h
    Level 3: Gold; 12h
    Level 4: Gold; 1d
    Level 5: 250 Dreadstone; 1d12h
    Level 6: Gold; 2d
    Level 7: Gold; 2d12h
    Level 8: 2,000,000 Gold; 3d
    Level 9: 2,500,000 Gold; 3d12h
    Level 10: 500 Dreadstone; 4d
    Level 11: 3,000,000 Gold; 4d12h
    Level 12: 3,500,000 Gold; 5d
    Level 13: 4,000,000 Gold; 5d12h
    Level 14: 4,500,000 Gold; 6d
    Level 15: 750 Dreadstone; 6d12h
    Level 16: 5,000,000 Gold; 7d
    Level 17: 5,500,000 Gold; 7d12h
    Level 18: 6,000,000 Gold; 8d
    Level 19: 6,500,000 Gold; 8d12h
    Level 20: 1000 Dreadstone; 9d
    Level 21: 7,500,000 Gold; 9d12h
    Level 22: 8,000,000 Gold; 10d
    Level 23: 8,500,000 Gold; 10d12h
    Level 24: 9,000,000 Gold; 11d
    Level 25: 1250 Dreads tone; 11d12h
    Level 26: 9,500,000 Gold; 12d
    Level 27: 10,000,000 Gold; 12d12h
    Level 28: 10,500,000 Gold; 13d
    Level 29: 11,000,000 Gold; 13d12h
    Level 30: 1500 Dreadstone; 14d
    Level 31: 11,500,000 Gold; 14d
    Level 32: 12,000,000 Gold; 14d
    Level 33: 12,500,000 Gold; 14d
    Level 34: 13,000,000 Gold; 14d
    Level 35: 1750 Dreadstone; 14d

Level 1: 1950
Add 130 health per level
Level 35: 6370

Level 1: 435
Add 8 damage per level
Level 35: 702

Ink blobs are thrown to stun defensive rooms within range after a fixed cool down.
Minions are stunned when attacking Glarggl (apparently at random).
At each fifth level the cool down is reduced.
    Level: Room stun/Cool down/Minion stun
    Level 1-4: 5/26?/1? seconds
    Level 5-9: 5.5/24?/1? seconds
    Level 10-14: 6/22?/1 seconds
    Level 15-19: 6.5/20/1 seconds
    Level 20-24: 7/18/1 seconds
    Level 25-29: 7.5/16/1 seconds
    Level 30-34: 8/15/1 seconds (info says 7.5 for some levels)
    Level 35: 8.5/14/1 seconds

Damage types
Glarggl has four attacks that do damage: a head bash, two tentacle strikes, and an ink blob.

The average damage per second against a building that takes all four strikes is what is posted in G's damage stat. In practice, non-defensive buildings will not take the ink blob hits, so about 1/3 less damage is done against them. The same is true of minions or immortals that Glarggl fights.

Once per second, Glarggl does a head bash for 1/3 of Glarggl's attack damage. Once per two seconds, Glarggl does two tentacle strikes in rapid succession (its left and right tentacles). Each tentacle does about 1/3 of Glarggl's attack damage. The target range for the head bash is 3. The head and tentacle strikes will each target a different thing (building, door, minion or trap) if there are multiple targets within the spash square of the primary target. So, for example, the head bash will hit a door three squares ahead that Glarggl is trying to walk through, while each tentacle will strike something within a 3x3 square of the door if possible (or will also hit the door if there are no other targets). The tentacles are thus a style of splash damage, where if no splash is done the extra tentacle damage is focused back on the main target.

The ink blob will only target the closest defensive building to Glarggl, and does 1/3 of Glarggl's attack damage multiplied by the blob attack speed upon landing. For example, at level 35 it does 688/3*14=3211 damage. It also stuns the room for the time listed above, so that it cannot attack anything nor deploy new minions (in the case of the Guild Lair). Defensive buildings include the Guild Lair, Torture Chamber, Dark Library, Hatchery, Graveyard, Unholy Temple, Training Room, and Dungeon Heart. The ink blob will not attack nor damage non-defensive rooms: the Treasury, Warehouse and Guard Post.

Thanks to the people below who also contributed to this information:
Black Crag
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Re: Glarggl

Postby goonigoogoo » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:20 pm

Level 15 750 dreadstones
Level 20 1000 dreadstones
Then logically
Level 25 1250
Level 30 1500
Level 35 1750 dreadstones and 13 million gold
Therefore 7000 dreadstones to fully train but he will be worth s as he's pretty awesome already
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Re: Glarggl

Postby Smellypuppy » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:34 pm

Glarggl - the sound of even more people rushing to solo guilds to farm dreads!
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Re: Glarggl

Postby goonigoogoo » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:19 am

6.5 million gold to train to level 19
562 attack
4160 life
Disable room for 6.5 seconds
Enemy stun 1 second
Training time 8 days 12 h
And yes i was farming in hc at the weekend lol
Oh lord help me I'm falling down the stairs
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Re: Glarggl

Postby Fafnir » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:19 am

Great summary :)

But I think there is one incorrect cost at lv21 messing up the later part of the needed gold.

Haven't really kept track on the Glargll spendings but just looking at the table I would assume lv22 would be at 7500k gold rather than lv21 shaving off 500k on all gold spendings upwards?

By the way, good upgrade on your design Pit, was struggling with the well placed zappers, lol


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Re: Glarggl

Postby Black Crag » Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:17 am

Good spotting Fafnir, you're right. I'm training lvl26 now and it's 9M.
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Re: Glarggl

Postby Bills Hell » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:39 pm

Almost time to nurfed him too.
Bills Hell
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Re: Glarggl

Postby Mek4neK » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:05 am

pitofdespair wrote:Health
Level 1: 1950
Add 8 health per level
Level 35: 6370

Thanks for the list.
One correction: It's +130 HP per Level...

I love mistresses (...to attack with, not whatcha thinkin' :lol: ) ...but IMHO the mistress-equivalent is way too late for lower level-players. It would make sense if the ability to stun enemies would be actually "Increases all nearby allies' effectiveness for x seconds" from the beginning (lvl 5 for 3s every 30s, lvl 10 4s and so on...). I have a level 17 Glarggl right now and alevel 16 Horny is still much better and his education was only paid with simple gold.
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Re: Glarggl

Postby pitofdespair » Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:19 pm

Thanks! I’ll try to update it for the new 36-40 levels soon. Glarggl is certainly trickier to play than Horny.
Bruce Campbells Army of Darkness - an open lv 48 guild for casual players of all levels who want to develop their dungeons and get Dreadstone in tournaments
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