Game crash while loading at 90%

Game crash while loading at 90%

Postby Noegnud » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:11 am


I'm running DK on a Huawey Ascend P8 lite with 1,26gb of free RAM and more than 5gb of free internal storage.
The phone is android 5.0.1.

I was running DK fine of this phone untill a few days ago when he started crashing while loading. It reaches 90% and then gets back to the home screen.

I've tryed all the tips listed in the forum and none worked:
- free all memory (I've ran DK previously with less than 1,1 gb of free RAM and now I've got more)
- clear game data
- reinstall the game

I've run out of ideas. Can anyone give me a tip on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.
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