Game keeps crashing on all devices

Game keeps crashing on all devices

Postby Piratekain » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:54 am

We have an iphone, an ipad, 2 different android tablets and 3 android phones. 3 of us play Dungeon keeper and we have also tried the other devices we have. No matter what device the game keeps crashing. It always crashes every time we start any of the raids. Game crashes every time we do a revenge. Even crashes every time we view someone that attacked us. Even crashes when we just do normal things around the dungeon like building or upgrading or even moving something. The 7 days of free premium is wasted as we can hardly do anything. Its been doing this since the promotion started. We're getting very pissed off as we are missing out and that we can't even play the game. Me I can't do anything as all I could do was collect gold and stone and mine gems. I'm now to the point I need to do the challenge raids to unlock stuff and can't even do that. So now I can't even collect gold and stone because I'm all full and can not upgrade anything because I can't do the challenge. :evil: Getting to the point where I'm going to delete it and not play anymore as its what I can't do anyway.
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Re: Game keeps crashing on all devices

Postby Daemonizer » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:19 pm

I sympathize with you. Disconnects are incredibly annoying and shouldn't happen.

I have two quite different places where I play DK Mobile. On one router I get almost no disconnects - maybe one every couple of months or so, but on the other I get disconnects fairly often. Not as bad as yours, but significantly more than on the good WiFi. (I came to this conclusion when I was playing about four hours a day so it was a decent test on both systems over many weeks.) The good WiFi I have exclusively to myself and in a quiet neighbourhood. The unstable WiFi is shared with a number of other devices and has many close neighbouring WiFi competing for the same airspace.

So a single device on two different WiFi gets two different situations in a fairly predictable way. On one, DK works almost perfectly. On the other, DK breaks.

Other programs don't seem to care about the WiFi, but DK apparently will not tolerate even the smallest hesitation.

Maybe simply adjusting the WiFi Channel will reduce neighbourhood interference. Or maybe the other devices on your own router are the competition; maybe it's time to upgrade to a more powerful router.

DK is too sensitive. We shouldn't have to care. I pre-agree to that argument. But unfortunately my experience on two different routers seems to prove the router or the environment makes a huge difference.
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