A place designated for non-English speaking members/guilds to recruit others to join; for those seeking like-minded guilds; some good-natured smack-talking, etc.


Postby Kongar » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:19 pm

Leveling Party needs your help!

Seeking dungeons with 4500+ trophies and high combat points. Get that big dungeon out and parade it around!

This isn't a guild... it is a helpful group of players that use thier dungeons to complete the Trophy and Combat Point achievements for guilds when requested. Every Wednesday at 8pm GMT.

No politics or bulls*t... maybe some boasting... but with big dungeons this always seems to happen. :)

We communicate with the Line App. Sign up and create an account, make your screen name your dungeon name, and follow this link. http://line.me/R/ti/g/Pon0I11d7l it will put you into a line DK welcome roon. I'll then invite you to the level partying chat.

Need leveling? Post here... or use the DK line welcome room and leave a message... or let me know on Line if you already see me as a contact.

Important Note: I'm not the creator/leader of the group... existed long before I arrived.
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