E-Monkeys lvl 30 Recruiting ACTIVE members!

A place designated for non-English speaking members/guilds to recruit others to join; for those seeking like-minded guilds; some good-natured smack-talking, etc.

E-Monkeys lvl 30 Recruiting ACTIVE members!

Postby Struan » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:07 pm

WELCOME! I am UK and i am the Leader of
the E-Monkeys!

We are a ACTIVE guild looking to reqruit some new ACTIVE members!
(We currently have 35/40 ACTIVE members)

As an E-Monkey there are a few things I need every member to do:

1. Read chat on a regular basis.
(Game-Plan will be discussed on
the game chat before Each Tournament.)

2. It's important to follow the Game-Plan!
Working as a team is the only way to
win tournaments & Earn Those precious

3. We ask every member to earn
400 (or more!!) stars during
tournaments (Qualifiers not included)

4. Donations make Our guild strong,
That's why we ask you to donate on a daily basis.

Not contributing to these requests, can result in a kick.

(We also have a groupchat outside of DK, It's called
LINE CHAT and it's a free App you download in the play/appstore!) Make a ID, send it to me in the DKchat & i can add you to the group! )
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