Game Update #1 (version 1.0.53): 2/04/14 [EN]

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Game Update #1 (version 1.0.53): 2/04/14 [EN]

Postby Gene_Mythic » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:22 pm

Post-Worldwide Launch Goodness!
Client version 1.0.53 (both Android & iOS)
(Be sure to get the new client when it becomes available in your platform's store!)

  • Friends! - It’s always better to play with others rather than play with yourself. Now you can, from inside the game, invite friends from Facebook, Game Center, and Google Play to join you in Dungeon Keeper and/or your Guild!

  • Updates
    • Updated and improved text for Guild Achievements and Player Achievements windows
    • When Achievements are unlocked, the notification window will now include the amount of gems that will be paid out when the player goes to claim them in the Achievements screen.
    Audio & Art
    • Updated game textures to perform better on lower end devices
    • Buildings will now render their walls when adjacent to reinforced walls.
    • Added audio effects to the Fast Forward button during Raid Replays.
    • Modifications have been made to voice and audio in various spots in the game to improve audibility.
    • Added Immortal audio tones to broadcast their status while they’re off-screen.
    • Increased audibility of immortal deaths/dazes.
    • Added border to Minion icons on Victory/Defeat screen
    • Optimized a number of audio calls to make the game sound and act better.
    • Changed audio format on notifications to ensure compatibility with Android devices.
    Dungeon Design & Management
    • Cancelling a build job will now refund only 50% of the invested resource.
    • Players will now receive a confirmation dialogue window when canceling a build job, which will include info about the amount of resources potentially lost if, if the job is cancelled.
    • Trap Swapping is now disabled, room swapping remains unchanged.
    • The build cursor now stays active when placing new traps in places where there is no adjacent building space.
    • Messages about the amount of resources collected when tapping on a resource Room will now display longer to give players more time to note the amount gained.
    • Increased the Gem Rush timer by 50% to allow for more time to cancel rush jobs. Additionally, we’ve adjusted things so that the timer will display for any rush job, regardless of amount spent to rush.
    • Players will now receive a prompt indicating that they have no room for resources if a current training/upgrade/summoning is canceled while at max capacity of either gold or stone.
    • The Guard Post now costs 750,000 Stone to build.
    • Aside from your imps who are carrying out the task, other Minions are now consistently pushed out of the way when Fill Dirt is used.
    • Improved the information contained in various information windows (Rooms, Minions, Traps, Spells, etc.).
    • Unclaimed Gold Mines and Stone Quarries can now be cut off via Fill Dirt. Once claimed, however, they will need to have a valid dug-out pathway at all times.
    • The upgrade prompt over buildings will now only be displayed if an upgrade is available (based on upgrade requirements) and if you have enough of the required resource.
    • We’ve adjusted the build timers, upgrade timers, and costs for the following buildings: Torture Chamber, Graveyard, and the Unholy Temple.
    • Choosing Revenge will now ensure that a player is prompted with the “Ready to go?” screen.
    • Trophies and combat points of your opponents are now visible when selecting a Dungeon to raid and/or viewing Dungeons via the Visit function.
    • Added a profanity filter to Guild chat.
    • Added a Visit button to the Guild notification screen that allows Guild Officers to visit and vet users before deciding whether or not to accept them into the guild.
    • We’ve added a pending Officer approval label for Guild invitations.
    • Added error messaging for attempts at selecting inappropriate or in-use guild names, as well as for inviting someone who hasn't yet built a Guild Lair.
    • In an effort to mitigate confusion, when viewing Guild Leaderboards, the “Your Score” overlay at the bottom of the screen now properly reflects your guild’s cumulative trophy counts, rather than combat score.
    • Successful Guild invites will now generate a dialogue box to indicate the success.
    • We’ve adjusted the gold Donation amount required for most Guild Perks. For Guilds with pre-existing perks, we’ve ensured that those obtained previously remain unlocked after the change.
    • Players may now activate an available replacement Immortal (that has already been Recruited to their cause), when others in their arsenal have been Knocked Out or Captured.
    • Immortals are now Captured for eight times (8x) their "Knock Out" Time. This is an increase from four times (4x).
    • Made font size larger for Capture and Revive labels (and messages) for better readability.
    • Tiny's Training Costs have been reduced.
    • Deegg & Dugger now cost 750,000 Stone to Recruit. Additionally, all Training Costs for this Immortal have been reduced.
    • Horny now costs 750,000 Gold to Recruit. Additionally, all Training Costs for this Immortal have been reduced.
    • Added an indication of an Immortal’s Captured status to their information window.
    • We’ve reduced the costs associated with recruiting and training Immortals. (Actually pushed as a hotfix earlier last week)
    • Summoning a Minion immediately before Horny provides information will no longer cause the Summon button to repeat and fill the summon queue.
    • When attempting to summon Minions, we’ve adjusted how the color of the summon costs (gold) function when there is insufficient capacity to summon a particular Minion, in an effort to be more consistent and easier to understand.
    • Withdrawn Guild Minions will now display the defender (shield) icon while meandering around the Guild Lair in build mode.
    • Added more descriptive error messaging for purchases, where appropriate.
    PvE Campaign
    • Put in checks to ensure that unlocking the next level of the campaign only occurs when Victory has been achieved for that level.
    • Added Research Cancel button to the Dark Library (via spell book)
    User Interface
    • We’ve removed auto-rush functionality: Tapping anywhere on your screen while a Rush countdown timer is currently active will now cancel the countdown/Rush, instead of completing it. In essence, this means that your entire screen becomes one big Cancel button.
    • Enabled non-ascii capable keyboards
    • Cleaned up and improved touch controls.
    • Eliminated center screen message for Achievements.
    • Launching the application while in airplane mode on iOS will prompt the user to disable Airplane mode as an internet connection is required to play.
    • Players will now be notified that the Support Ticket form is incomplete if attempting to submit Feedback with only the email address field completed.
    • Increased Highlight brightness to increase the visibility of manipulated objects.
    • Fixed an issue where the Zoom function could become stuck as a one-finger action if certain actions were taken in a very specific order.
    • A tile selected for digging is now properly de-selected when tapping on a Room or Trap
    • The camera will now automatically Zoom Out over the dungeon after Horny's informative comment when building the Boulder Trap
    • We’ve add a Rush countdown to captured Immortal dialogue
    • We’ve add a Rush countdown to the Withdraw Troops window
    • Changed the layout of the Sound Settings window.
    • We’ve made adjustments and additions to the Game Credits.
    • Added spacing to dropdown menus for better usability.
    • Updated color-coding on Hints and center screen messaging to be more legible and consistent.
    • In an effort to reduce overall screen clutter, we’ve reduced the amount of center screen messages that can occur.
    • We’ve made an effort to ensure that information regarding attack speed is present for all Rooms/Minions where appropriate
    • (Android-specific) The application will give a better description when a user is already logged in on another Android device with the same Google+ ID.
    Bug Fixes
    • The “Veterans of the Long War” achievement progress bar will now display properly.
    • Fixed Achievement progress to ensure that all progress meters (Complete, In Progress, etc.) are updated properly when an Achievement is completed.
    • Fixed an issue where certain Guild Achievements were not updated properly, if the requirements were no longer met.
    Audio & Art
    • Ambient effects will no longer play on creatures when they're hidden, because… well, you know… they’re hidden.
    • Fixed an animation glitch on Victory/Defeat screen.
    • Tweaked animation on the Spring Trap to ensure that it plays properly with the associated action.
    • Fixed an issue with the audio system that could mute a player’s music when launching the application.
    • Fixed an instance where audio could be stuck in a muted state after a reconnect.
    Dungeon Design & Management
    • Fixed an issue where the resource gathering effect would trigger erroneously when upgrading the Gold Mines, Stone Quarries and Dark Library while full on resources.
    • Updated messaging for Traps and Doors to ensure that they reflect requirements properly. This fixes an issue where the information could be misleading if the user already claimed all available mines and quarries.
    • We’ve fixed an issue where if all imps are busy and a building upgrade requires additional resources, the windows for purchasing the additional resources and then imps could repeat.
    • Imp tasks will no longer transfer to the first available Imp when restarting the application. This is a visual indication/change only; typically only applicable if/when a task is assigned to an Imp that is further to the right of the screen when viewing available Imps, and the Imp(s) on the left currently have no assigned task. Now, tasks will stay assigned to the imp to which you originally assigned it.
    • Fixed an inconsistency in how the capacity increase information that is required for Treasury and Warehouse displays Dungeon Heart level for early levels.
    • The Guard Post’s information screen has been updated to reflect that it only has health and no damage.
    • Fixed how upgrade time is calculated on the game client to ensure that it’s more in sync with the time that will be taken. This fixes an issue where the time displayed in the upgrade window was more than what was displayed in game.
    • Reinforced Walls are no longer active while under construction; they will only function as intended once construction is complete.
    Game Performance
    • Fixed an issue where the application could crash if it loses internet connection while on the Imp slapping screen.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when players don’t find a raid, then try to raid immediately after.
    • Fixed instances where the game might hang or reconnect when using the ‘End Raid’ or ‘Next Raid’ buttons.
    • Fixed how the game responds to hidden Traps being revealed, to reduce the effect on frame rate and to prevent stutter.
    • Players can no longer interact with their dungeon after hitting the “Okay” button on the “Ready to Go?” screen for a defensive raid, fixing an issue where this could cause instability.
    • The game will no longer recognize multiple presses on certain buttons that could result in the application freezing when this occurred.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur during specific Replays if certain requirements were met.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if idling out while visiting another player’s Dungeon.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on connection failure.
    • The application will no longer become stuck if a player idles out of the game while in the Guild donate window.
    • Fix for a crash that could occur if attempting to cancel an upgrade while full of resources and the upgrade completes.
    • Fix for a crash that could occur in a very specific order of operations while starting a raid and hitting the “Start” button repeatedly.
    • Fixed an issue where having the Guild Perk “Leg Day” active and summoning (in specific situations) could cause a crash.
    • In an effort to improve visual optimization, the exterior walls on Reinforced Walls will no longer render as they're being moved.
    • Fixed some issues with how Guilds handle members logging in and out, to prevent issues with data retrieval and prevent crashes.
    • Fixed an issue where the game client could freeze up upon a player’s first Immortal purchase.
    • We added safeguards to prevent crashing if a Minion summoning completes while visiting another player’s Dungeon.
    • (iOS-specific) We’ve adjusted how the client handles multi-touch, to solve for two rare crash instances.
    • Fixed more instances where Replays could be inaccurate
    • Exclusive raids will no longer erroneously indicate that a player’s Cave-In will be disabled, as exclusive raids do not cancel Cave-In.
    • Added safeguards to ensure a user cannot purchase additional items from the in-game store until the current purchase has finished processing.
    • Modified projectile algorithms to ensure that they will hit enemies properly, fixing a few cases where a projectile could pass through a creature.
    • The loading screen animation will no longer display at 4x speed if a Raid or Replay ends with 4x speed enabled.
    • The “DK Premium” pop-up will no longer appear after a successful raid if that particular boost is already active.
    • When a player chooses Revenge from a Defense Replay, the “Got it” option is now accessible sooner. (Previously, a few seconds would elapse.)
    • While using Visit mode, we’ve adjusted how dungeons being visited display information to the visitor, to respect hidden Traps.
    • We’ve fixed the calculation formula (and rounding) for incorrect victory star count at 50% damage. In other words, this fixes an inconsistency in how the destruction percentage is displayed in the raid screen and the victory/defeat screen.
    • Fixed an inconsistency in how the ‘Capacity increased’ screen would trigger, so that it accurately reflects the increase at the proper time.
    • Disabling Rush timers before they finish will now work more consistently, regardless of the type of Rush.
    • Fill-in actions will be cancelled if players start an upgrade of a Room while holding the fill-in action.
    • Fixed an issue where the Mana meter could become unresponsive if the application was in the background and subsequently resumed.
    • When attempting a scheduled raid for the first time, it will show the ‘Okay' button, rather than the retry cost.
    • The scheduled raid button will now be disabled once it has been completed.
    • Fixed an issue where Minions could pass through hidden Traps, revealing their location by nature of their pathing.
    • The “Attack” and “Defend” buttons will no longer function if under the “deeper dungeons” banner at the top of the screen, to prevent the erroneous initiation of campaign dungeons.
    • The game will now hide Rush options in dig info for tiles whose total dig times are less than or equal to Rush confirm countdown duration
    • If/When the server is at capacity, we’ve made associated messaging about this more informative.
    • (Android-specific) Fixed push notifications (in certain use cases), in an effort to have them display properly. This fixes an issue where some players were not being notified when their Dungeon was attacked.
    • Fixed an issue where the application could freeze when donating gold to a guild for the first time.
    • The “Create Guild” button will now be clickable along the entire button, fixing an issue where the distal ends were not functioning when pressed.
    • Tweaked the troop Donate/Withdraw window to make Minion quantities visible during cooldown.
    • Fixed an issue with the “Tap for Mana” guild perk that could cause the mana collected to exceed maximum.
    • Made changes to the Guild Chat input to account for inconsistencies in amount of characters allowed by individual devices.
    • Chat messages over 140 characters will no longer display incorrectly in chat.
    • Fixed how Guilds handle being full. This fixes an issue where the member list could be incorrect and cause a failure to kick out members or failure to add a final member.
    • We’ve fixed an issue with Guild Achievements not displaying an increment to level progress after completion.
    • The Minion donation feature will no longer misbehave if the window is closed during the 5 second cancel channel when donating Minions.
    • Fixed an issue where Guild Leaderboards were not updating properly.
    • Fixed algorithms and mechanism for Guild ratings and combat points when new invitees are accepted into the Guild, to ensure values are updated correctly.
    • If a guild perk is unlocked by a player’s donation, the perk will immediately activate, instead of requiring the player to log out and back in for the update.
    • If Guild chat is currently scrolled up, it will no longer ‘snap back’ to the bottom of the screen when updates are received.
    • Guild Withdraw and Donation screens are now only scrollable when appropriate.
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Withdraw button from displaying on the Guild Lair until a player had already accessed the Donation or Withdraw screen within the Guild menu.
    • If a player is invited to a Guild, the “Visit” button will no longer erroneously appear on the Invite.
    • (Android-specific) Fixed the Guild settings buttons to display properly.
    • Fixed a common occurrence that would cause Horny’s rampage buff to not be applied.
    • Deegg & Dugger will no longer continue to dig through tiles that have been destroyed by the Bomb Wall spell.
    • When an Immortal is first unlocked, messaging about this will now be reflected properly.
    • Deegg & Dugger will now always face their target when digging.
    • Fixed an issue where summoning an Immortal while another Immortal is dazed would cause the inactive one to not be shown properly.
    • If a ground-based Immortal is knocked out, players can now deploy a Minion on the tile the Immortal is on, fixing an issue where the Immortal would block placement previously.
    • Fixed an issue where Immortal icons could be caused to overlap if a player cancelled out of the menu immediately after summoning an Immortal.
    • Added Level 5 training time requirements to Tiny, as it was missing from the information panel.
    • Changed a captured Immortal’s dialogue Revive button to "Rescue"
    • Minion cancel buttons will also cancel donation countdown timer if active.
    • Fixed an issue with pathing and ranged attacks to ensure that Warlocks will react more appropriately in battle.
    • We’ve tweaked the orientation and location of donated Minions to be properly centered, regardless of value.
    • Fixed a number of text strings to ensure proper grammar and localization.
    • When displaying the number of required resources, quantities in the millions will now be abbreviated properly.
    • Fixed an issue where entering an invalid Dungeon name could cause the application to disallow additional names on certain devices.
    • Fixed the information windows on Rooms to ensure that bonuses related to Guild Perks and/or DK Premium are reflected properly.
    • Spell research will auto-complete if it is de-selected after being rushed, similar to other rush events.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the selection visual indicator of the Dark Library to become inactive if a Spell finished researching while in the Room's menu.
    • Disable Trap can no longer be used on a player’s own dungeon’s Traps while defending
    • Fixed spell experience display if the “Wizards Only, Fool” Guild Perk is unlocked at a certain level of experience.
    • Fixed the description for the Bomb Wall spell at various levels, to ensure accuracy.
    • Fixed an inconsistency in how Dragon Breath would behave when dragging or tapping during use.
    • Fixed a bug with path-finding that was causing some Traps to be incorrectly disabled.
    • Fixed the placement of the notification badge (the red exclamation point) on the Traps menu button.
    • Removed the "Next Upgrade Time" from Anti-Air Trap's Info Panel as this information is divulged in the Upgrade Window
    • Fixed an issue where a user could deploy a second Minion during the tutorial and cause their progress to not update properly.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple screens could be triggered by input at the end stage of the Tutorial.
    • Improved the ability of the Tutorial to resume if internet connection is disabled.
    • Fixed a potential progress blocker if the game is interrupted during a specific building sequence in the Tutorial.
    • The Tutorial will no longer display the Rush timer for summon Minions.
    • Fixed an issue where a notification badge (red exclamation point) was being displayed improperly during the Tutorial for an already-built room.
    User Interface
    • Fixed a menu display issue where players could see multiple menus or multiple information screens open at the same time.
    • Adjusted windows to ensure overlapping windows behave properly, specifically when Achievements are displayed in-game.
    • Edited Raid Timer and Dialogue windows to properly reflect exiting a Replay as well as a Raid.
    • Fixed the “additional resources required” screen to ensure that the value is updated even when an Achievement “unlock” notification is being displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Next Level improvement bars would not display properly when players upgrade a Room or Trap to the last level.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Most Popular” and “Best Value” banners could display incorrectly when flipping between the gem and resource shop.
    • Clicking on multiple items in the shop to get information will no longer queue and cause overlapping messages.
    • The “You’ve Been Attacked” window will no longer be scrollable if there is no content requiring scrolling to view.
    • Fixed a rare use case where a player’s Friends List could appear empty.
    • Fixed an issue in initialization and localization of Leaderboard window.
    • Fixed an issue where the summoning timer might not be reflected properly in the client. This should fix instances where the timer might expire and a notification has been sent, but the summoning still had some time left on the server.
    • Fixed an issue where notification badges would appear erroneously on the warehouse and treasury when leveling your dungeon heart to level 2.
    • The “Capture” button will no longer overlap an opponent’s trophy points, if their Immortal is killed in a raid.
    • The arrow on the Minion deploy menu will now point in the proper direction, based on its current state.
    • Fix for exclusive raid badge (ie, the red exclamation point) sometimes not displaying
    • Building options will no longer display if the building selected is scrolled off the screen.
    • When purchasing resources or boosts from the in-game store, the game will no longer provide a ‘Cancel’ message if the player is unable to purchase the item due to lack of funds.
    • Buttons above buildings will now display better if the Room is destroyed during a raid, and if a health bar is present.
    • Gems required for an update will no longer be rounded and display as the full amount.
    • Fixed layout of upgrade timer in a room’s upgrade window.
    • When disabled, the Summon button is now properly ‘grayed out’.
    • The Room placement grid will now update correctly if a digging action completes while in the midst of a move.

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