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Game Update #6.0

Postby DKDev_Chris » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:01 pm


Game Update 6.0
(Be sure to get the new client when it becomes available in your platform's store! For the first 24 hours or so after this update goes live, it will likely be necessary to manually update your game client)

New Features:
New Immortal - Glarrgl- Glarrgl the sea-monster has emerged from the depths and is poised to leave his mark on this realm! Glarrgl's special powers include the ability to temporarily disable defensive Rooms and the ability to Stun enemy Minions. In addition, his dreaded Ink Ball attack becomes more powerful (cooldown reduced and disable duration increased) every 5 Training levels, but will require a hefty amount of Dreadstone. Note - Initial purchase requires Gems.

New Campaign Maps - Battle of the Elements!- A new Evil has taken hold in the realm, threatening to seize everything you have conquered throughout your domain! 10 new themed Campaign missions are available to any who would undertake the challenge, where Keepers must face off against the lieutenants of "The Aether". Make no mistake - this endeavor is not for the weak of heart. Only the most diabolical and fearsome Keepers will stand even the slightest chance against these enemies. The few who are victorious will earn the distinct privilege of challenging the fallen lord himself, one who possesses but a single weakness. Unlikely as it may be, any Keeper who discovers his vulnerability and defeats this champion will make their prowess known to any would-be attacker, displaying their names in gold for all to see, in addition to earning a sizable amount of Gems. Note - Players must have completed the Campaign mission "Tomb of the Giants" in order to access the Elemental missions.

Daily Tribute- Players will now receive a Gem bounty (possibly including Dreadstones) once a day when they log in. The size of the reward is directly dependent on the number of Friends you have actively keeping dungeons. In addition, any time your number of active Friends increases, you'll receive a one-time boon of Gems and Dreadstones when claiming your Daily Tribute!

Dungeon Heart Level 11- Turn your Heart into an unbreakable fortress! Level 11 grants you an additional Skeleton level, as well as increased HP, Damage, and access to our other level 11 content! Note - Players will need all Gold Mines claimed in order to house enough Gold to Train their Skeletons to level 11.

Workshop Level 11- Take your Workshop and Trolls to new heights with the level 11 Workshop! The level 11 Workshop will also grant another Dante's Mound and U.R. Mine as well as two additional Anti-Air Traps. Note - Players will need all Gold Mines and Stone Quarries claimed in order to house enough Gold and Stone to Upgrade their Workshop to level 11 and Train their Trolls to level 11.

Gold Mines and Stone Quarries Level 11- Earn even more Gold and Stone every minute by upgrading your generators!

Treasury and Warehouse Level 11- Level 11 Minions and Rooms take lots of Gold and Stone to upgrade. Start hoarding!

Dreadstone Converter- Players will now have the option to convert any unwanted Dreadstones into Gems at their leisure. Just be warned, the process is irreversible!

Notification Tab- Sales, Promotions, or other special events will now be displayed in-game via a new Notifications tab, located next to your Attack and Defend replays.

Room Badges- Rooms will now display a badge above them, indicating the level of said Room. If desired, these badges can be disabled from view (in Build-mode only) via the Settings window.

Pre-Raid Boost Disable Option- After listening to your feedback, players will now have the option to disable the Pre-Raid Boosts from displaying on the UI. This option can be found in the Settings window.

New Achievements- New achievements await all of our Keepers. This includes acquiring the new Immortal, upgrading the Dungeon Heart and Workshop to 11, completing the new Campaign missions, earning a seat in our new Dread Leagues, and lots more!

New League of Evil Brackets- Players will now be able to compete for seats in our new Dread Leagues II and III for even more rewards! 4500 Trophies gets you into Dread II, where 225,000 Gold/Stone and 110 Combat Points await you after every victory. 5800 Trophies gets you into Dread III, where 250,000 Gold/Stone and 120 Combat Points are yours after every success. Note - Players that are already above these Trophy thresholds will need to perform a Raid to unlock the League related achievements.

Bonus Star Modifications- We're making a few additional adjustments to the way bonus stars are earned. Here's a breakdown of what our Tournament Bonus Star formulas will look like with game update 6.0 and the new Dungeon Heart and Dread League Levels:

Tournament Bonus Stars:
Player Dungeon Heart Level / Bonus:
• Levels 1-4 / 0 Stars
• Level 5 / 1 Stars
• Level 6 / 1 Stars
• Level 7 / 2 Stars
• Level 8 / 2 Stars
• Level 9 / 3 Stars
• Level 10 / 4 Stars
• Level 11 / 5 Stars
Opponent Dungeon Heart Level / Bonus:
• Levels 1-4 / 0 Stars
• Level 5 / 3 Stars
• Level 6 / 4 Stars
• Level 7 / 5 Stars
• Level 8 / 6 Stars
• Level 9 / 7 Stars
• Level 10 / 8 Stars
• Level 11 / 10 Stars
Player League Level / Bonus:
• Bronze 1 – Silver 3 / 0 Stars
• Gold 1 / 1 Star
• Gold 2 / 2 Stars
• Gold 3 / 3 Stars
• Obsidian 1 / 4 Stars
• Obsidian 2/ 5 Stars
• Obsidian 3 / 6 Stars
• Dread 1 / 7 Stars
• Dread 2 / 8 Stars
• Dread 3 / 9 Stars
Opponent League Level / Bonus:
• Bronze 1 – Silver 3 / 0 Stars
• Gold 1 / 1 Star
• Gold 2 / 2 Stars
• Gold 3 / 3 Stars
• Obsidian 1 / 5 Stars
• Obsidian 2/ 6 Stars
• Obsidian 3 / 7 Stars
• Dread 1 / 35 Stars
• Dread 2 / 50 Stars
• Dread 3 / 75 Stars
Player Level / Bonus:
• 1-20: 1 Star
• 21-40: 3 Stars
• 41-60: 5 Stars
• 61-80: 10 Stars
• 81-90: 20 Stars
• 91-100: 35 Stars
• 101+: 50 Stars
Opponent Level / Bonus:
• 1-20: 1 Star
• 21-40: 3 Stars
• 41-60: 5 Stars
• 61-80: 10 Stars
• 81-90: 60 Stars
• 91-100: 120 Stars
• 101+: 200 Stars

Known Issues:
  • Room level badges appear distorted after an idle reconnect.
  • Resources and Mana bars appear to be empty after a reconnection to the server.
  • iOS - App now exceeds 100 MB and will warn about downloading over cell data.
  • iOS - Black boxes can appear in the Achievements and/or Immortals windows on newer iOS devices when using iOS 9+.
  • Android - The system buttons remain visible after returning to the application from a full screen keyboard.

  • Names with hexadecimal values will no longer display the hexadecimal information or the associated color.
  • Certain buttons are no longer grayed out when the player is ineligible to perform actions, but the associated message will still remain. (IE - "Requires level X")
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