Game Update #7.0

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Game Update #7.0

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Game Update 7.0
(Be sure to get the new client when it becomes available in your platform's store! For the first 24 hours or so after this update goes live, it will likely be necessary to manually update your game client)

New Immortals:
Magmaw- This fiery fiend is eager to be unleashed! Embracing the power of the flame, this Immortal deals additional damage to any targets that are on-fire, and is even healed by fire damage! Training this Immortal will increase the power of his "Charring Bite" ability (which sets his target ablaze), the amount of additional damage dealt to targets on-fire, and decreases his susceptibility to Freeze Traps. Tip - This Immortal can be targeted by the attacking player's Dragon Breath Spell!

Sir Cophagus- Back from the dead, Sir Cophagus has seen fit to grace us with his royal presence. He brings with him his knowledge of the beyond in the form of the dreaded "Abyssal Beam". This devastating attack deals damage to everything in its path! Training this Immortal will increase the power of the Abyssal Beam and decreases his susceptibility to Spike Traps. Tip - Look for targets bunched together for maximum destruction!

Note - Both Immortals have a DCR requirement for purchase.

New Content:
New Room Levels- Nearly all Rooms can now be upgraded to level 20. These will unlock access to additional Traps, additional Minion levels, and even boost unique bonuses to Rooms! As part of this change, you will notice various adjustments have been made to Room levels up to the current cap (13). Generally speaking, Bolster costs and build times have been decreased, Resource generation has been increased, and additional achievements have been added. Note - Dungeon Heart upgrades will now require Gold instead of Combat Points for levels 11-20.

New Minion Levels- Tons of new Training levels have been made available to your Minions! Train your armies to unlock the full potential of their unique abilities!

New Trap Levels- A wealth of new Trap upgrades have been made available. Refine your defenses to make your opponent think twice about stealing your resources!

New Wall Levels- 4 new Walls await your construction, each with their own, new look!

New Bomb Wall Levels- New Research levels of Bomb Wall are available to all Keepers, with the ability to unlock a 6th and 7th Bomb drop!

New Event Raids- Two new Event Raids will be added to the Event Raid rotation, each one featuring one of the new Immortals as a way for players to see them in action!

Deeg and Dugger: Burrow Improvement- The Burrow ability now scales with all of Deeg and Dugger's Training levels!

UI Improvements:
Opponent DCR Now Present on the Raid Screen- Attackers can now see the DCR of their opponent to provide better information about their potential target.

Player DCR Now Present on Guild Chat Window- Players can now see the DCR of their Guild mates in the Chat window in order to compare their strength.

Economy Changes:
New Upgrade Times- In order to smooth out the ramp in upgrade times, players will notice that many of their current (level 13 or below) upgrade times have been reduced.

Progression Rebalance- Some players will notice that their DCR may have been increased. In addition, players will progress through new Levels at a considerably faster rate after reaching Level 100.

Resource Purchase Costs Decreased- The purchase cost of Gold and Stone has been significantly decreased.

Dig Times Reduced- Gem Vein dig times have been reduced to 2 hours, and Hard Gem Vein dig times have been reduced to 6 hours.

New Achievements and Quests- New achievements and quests have been made available to all Keepers on their way to the new level cap!

New Tournament Bonus Stars- While there are too many to mention here, a plethora of new Star bonuses are now available for players, including new Dungeon Heart and DCR bonuses!

DCR Cap Increase- The maximum DCR level players can achieve has been vastly increased. Will you be the first to reach the new cap?!

Gold Color Tint Applied to Guild Chat- Players who have completed the "Master of the Elements" achievement will now have their names tinted gold in the Guild Chat window.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a victory condition bug related to Defense missions.
  • Fixed a tinting issue with with level 11+ Rooms

Known Issues:
  • The Immortal level incorrectly shows the DCR requirement when viewing Magmaw and Sir Cophagus's stats before purchase.
  • There was a problem with the way some of our translations came back for all languages other than English. Most of which were fixed but there are probably a few we missed
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