New Patch (9/26)

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New Patch (9/26)

Postby DKDev_Chris » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:00 pm


New Content:
New Levels!- Level 25 Rooms, Traps, and Minions are now available! Players may notice a significant increase in Minion strength accompanying these upgrades. These are intentional and intended to narrow the gap in power between the attacker and the defender given the Minion population capacity restrictions.

New Room Levels:
New Dungeon Heart Level - Dungeon Heart Level 25 is now available! The lifeblood of your Dungeon awaits new glory, Keeper.

New Workshop Level - Workshop Level 25 is now available! Is that an additional Homing Buzzsaw I see being loaded?

New Library Level - Library Level 25 is now available! Devastate your opponents with more Mana than ever!

New Hatchery Level - Hatchery Level 25 is now available, as is its level 25 Eggshell Mortar!

New Training Room Level - Training Room Level 25 is now available! Slice and Dice to your heart's content!

New Temple Level - Temple Level 25 is now available! Soul Siphon beckons for more souls!

New Graveyard Level - Graveyard Level 25 is now available! Prepare the Gaseous Skull Mortar!

New Torture Chamber Level - Torture Chamber Level 25 is now available! Unleash the Caged Lightning!

New Gold Mine and Stone Quarry Level - Gold Mine and Stone Quarry Level 25 is now available! Shower your Dungeon with riches!

New Treasury and Warehouse Level - Treasury and Warehouse Level 15 is now available! Amass new levels of wealth!

New Minion Levels:
New Skeleton Level - Skeleton Level 25 is now available! What army is complete without a Skeleton?! Who else will trigger those nasty single-use Traps?

New Troll Level - Troll Level 25 is now available! The Troll sees 2 Strenth and 1 Weakness improvements with these upgrades...time to duck and cover!

New Bile Demon Level - Bile Demon Level 19 is now available! The Bile Demon sees 5 level increases with this update. That's right, 5! Have one lead the charge and good things are bound to happen!

New Necromancer Level - Necromancer Level 16 is now available! The Necromancer can now raise a cool 30 Skeletons each. A 1-man conga line!

New Warlock Level - Warlock Level 25 is now available! Pew-pew like never before!

New Ghost Level - Ghost Level 17 is now available! The Ghost sees a new Strength increase with this update. Let the heads roll!

New Vampire Level - Vampire Level 10 is now available! Transform the Vampire into a re-generating nightmare that just won't die!

New Mistress Level - Mistress Level 12 is now available! Someone has to keep all these Minions in line!

New Dragon Whelp Level - Dragon Whelp Level 9 is now available! His boulder is truly a forced to be reckoned with now.

New Trap Levels:
New Wall Level - Level 16 Reinforced Walls are now available, along with a shiny new look!

New Spike Trap Level - Spike Trap Level 25 is now available! Stop those Bile Demons and Vampires dead in their tracks! Or is that undead in their tracks...

New Cannon Trap Level - Cannon Trap Level 25 is now available! Hit the deck!

New Fire Trap Level - Fire Trap Level 25 is now available! A Troll's worst friend, but Magmaw's best friend!

New Freeze Trap Level - Freeze Trap Level 25 is now available! Slow duration can now be increased up to 7s per hit!

New Poison Trap Level - Poison Trap Level 25 is now available! Keep those Warlocks away from this one!

New Anti-Air Trap Level - Anti-Air Trap Level 25 is now available! Tiny fly-by's may find these a bit...anti-climatic!

New Bug Zapper Trap Level - Bug Zapper Trap Level 25 is now available! It's only the best Trap around!

New Chicken Bomb Trap Level - Chicken Bomb Trap Level 6 is now available! A chicken that cooks itself; what a time to be alive!

New Boulder Trap Level - Boulder Trap Level 6 is now available! A new level of pancake-y-ness awaits your attackers!

New U.R.Mine Trap Level - U.R.Mine Trap Level 6 is now available! U.R. outta luck if this hits you!

Tournament Starting Time Changes:
Rolling Tournament Times Return- Starting this Friday, rolling tournament start times will be returning. The dev team will be monitoring tournament details over the coming weeks to determine if this change will be permanent.

New Quests and Achievements:
New Quests- New quests for nearly all Rooms have been made available to all Keepers!

New Achievements- There are new Achievements, along with their Gem prizes, available for players to accompany their rise to level 25 Rooms and Minions.

New Dungeon Level Cap:
DCR Cap Increase- The maximum DCR level players can achieve has been increased. These levels grant a variety of new Tournament Star bonuses!

Known Issues:
  • Aftering upgrading Gold Mines and Stone Quarries to level 25, Gold and Stone will be generated so quickly that some players may find it difficult to select these Rooms, but a simple double-tap will bypass the problem.
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