Game Update #8.0

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Game Update #8.0

Postby DKDev_Chris » Wed May 23, 2018 2:18 pm


Game Update #8.0 is now available to all Keepers!

New Client:
Game Update #8.0 comes with a brand new client, which houses a number of stability and performance improvements!

New Content:
This update includes a variety of improvements both for our veteran and brand new DK players! For the former, new end-game content has been made available, as well as some balance adjustments. For our new players, we have significantly reduced Build/Train/Upgrade times across the board to get you into the action faster than ever before!

New Levels:
New Levels - Keepers may now Upgrade and Train many of their Rooms, Traps, and Minions to Level 30!

New Player Progression Curve:
Reduced Build/Training Times! - Nearly all Building, Upgrading, and Training times have been reduced across the board. The lower the level, the bigger the reduction! This change is aimed at helping our newest Keepers get up to speed quicker than ever! Here are some breakdowns:

Levels 1-10 - Build, Upgrade and Training times have been drastically reduced here. With a healthy Gold and Stone income, new players should now progress extremely quickly through these levels.

Levels 11-20 - Build, Upgrade and Training times have been moderately reduced at these levels. In some cases, Keepers may find these times to be approximately half of their previous.

Levels 21-30 - Build, Upgrade and Training times have been slightly reduced.

Balance Adjustments
Magmaw - Magmaw's bonus damage dealt to targets that are on-fire was dealing less damage than intended, which has been fixed with this update. In addition, Magmaw now receives approximately 25% less damage from Physical sources, and has had his Movement Speed slightly reduced in order to keep him from getting too far ahead of the pack.

Sir Cophagus - Sir Cophagus's Health has been increased, and his damage dealt to Traps has been reduced by 50%. In addition, the base range for Abyssal Beam has been reduced from 6 to 4, while its extension has been increased from 4 to 6.

New Walls:
Wall Level 17 - Keepers may now Upgrade their Walls to Level 17. These Walls have a dark red center, so be prepared before attempting to Bomb them!

New Bomb Wall:
Bomb Wall Level 16 - Bomb Wall may now be Upgraded to Level 16.

New Quests:
New Quests - New quests are available to accompany all Level 30 content, and everything in between.

New Achievements:
New Achievements - For our veteran players, many will notice numerous unlocked achievements as soon as they log in. This is because we've added a host of new tiers to old achievements to make them more current, so enjoy the free Gems! For our newer players, you'll now have to progress much less before unlocking the next tier on many different achievements!

New Dungeon Level Cap:
DCR Cap Increase - The maximum DCR level players can achieve has been increased to 450. This includes many new Star bonuses during Tournaments for any Keepers ascending to ranks 400 and beyond!

Known Issues:
  • Due to a technical problem, Gold Mine and Stone Quarry Upgrades beyond Level 25 will not increase Gold/Stone generation, and will only increase storage. To accommodate this, the Upgrade costs for these have been significantly reduced in comparison to similar Upgrades.
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