Blitz Tournament #5!

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Blitz Tournament #5!

Postby DKDev_Chris » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:20 pm

Greetings Keepers,

Our Ghosts just couldn't hold back their Christmas spirit any longer! Not only will they take less time to Summon, but they'll pack a heck of a lot more punch!

Blitz Tournament #5: Yuletide Terror
The active modifiers for this Blitz Tournament are a 50% increase to Summoning speed, Health, Damage, and Movement speed to Ghosts.

Duration: 1-day Qualifer, 2-day Tournament
Qualifier Threshold: 500 Victory Stars

The Qualifier for Blitz Tournament #5 will begin on Friday, Dec 12, at 20:00 GMT
The Qualifier for Blitz Tournament #5 will end, and the Tournament will begin on Saturday, Dec 13, at 20:00 GMT
Blitz Tournament #5 will end on Monday, Dec 15, shortly before 20:00 GMT

Horny's Chosen
Brackets: 1
Bracket Size: 25
Auto-Qualify Count: 5 (from the Leaderboards)
The remaining guilds competing in this bracket will be the first 20 guilds to chronologically qualify by obtaining the requisite Victory Stars (see above).

Brackets: 20
Bracket Size: 50

Blitz Tournament Rewards:

What about the new bugs 4.3 introduced?
We are still vigorously tracking down and fixing these bugs. We just deployed a hotfix to resolve one, and help us track down another. More information can be found here.
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