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Tournament Scheduling Changes

Postby KeeperKatrina » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:07 pm

The DK team has streamlined the guild tournament schedule in an effort to accomodate as many players (and their diverse schedules) as possible.

Blitz tournaments will occur much less frequently.

Beginning this Friday, January 9, 2015, guild tournaments will now happen consistently every week! The 150 star one-day qualifier starts on Friday. Tournaments are two-day and will run from the close of qualifier on Saturday through Monday. Tournament start times will vary weekly to accomodate multiple time zones, starting at either 13:00 GMT, 17:00 GMT, or 05:00 GMT.

This should allow more guilds the opportunity to take part in tournaments, allow guilds currently actively engaged in tournament play more options in terms of how many (or few) tournaments they'd like to take part in, provide predictable tournament payout amounts, and grant additional predictability in terms of scheduling.

For this week's tournament, qualifying will start Friday 1/9 at 13:00 GMT (8 am EST) and end Saturday 1/10 13:00 GMT (8 am EST). The tournament begins Saturday 1/10 at 13:00 GMT and will end on Monday 1/12 at 12:55 GMT (7:55 am EST.)

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