About this folder/subforum

Information about current and past promotions, specials and sales.

About this folder/subforum

Postby Gene_Mythic » Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:28 pm

Someone asked awhile back to have a place dedicated to housing information about current sales/promos, etc.

I'm going to be moving over some of the previous posts/threads into this folder, for historical reference.

For CURRENT sales/promos, I'm going to be setting those to post as "Announcements", so that they'll appear at the top, in their own little area. When the sale/promo ends, I'll change it to a regular entry, and it will move down into the normal area.

Caveat: Depending on the sale/promo, some of the expiration times may take place at a time when I am unavailable. The information posted in the original announcement about when a promotion will end will ALWAYS take precedence; just because it still appears in the Announcements doesn't necessarily mean it's still currently active. I'll definitely do my best to keep up with them (and MOST of our promos end when I AM available), but just in case... :)

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