Fairness? Or can any high level player attack me?

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Fairness? Or can any high level player attack me?

Postby Rinake » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:17 pm

Does Dungeon Keeper have a system in place to prevent Dread Level players from attacking lower level players, like Silver 1 ?

I would like to know if this player called "SevaSnake", Dread 1 player with 3580 points, slipped through the cracks to attack me, at Silver 1, with only 1248 points. Not to be too obvious about it, a player with high level units will completely smash an incomplete and low level dungeon like mine. I joined two weeks ago, and I only hit Silver 1, because three Bronze 1 players attacked me, two days ago, and got their butts headed to them.
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