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Re: Maxxed Out Club

Postby eric » Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:44 pm

Dungeon name: Eric's Lair
Guild: The knights who say "ni" (level 40)

Rooms All max
-Dungeon Heart lv10
-Workshop lv10
-Warehouse 4x lv10
-Treasury 4x lv10
-Hatchery 2x lv10
-Training Room lv10
-Guard Post lv7
-Dark Library lv10
-Guild Lair lv5
-Graveyard lv10
-Unholy Temple lv10
-Torture Chamber lv10
Gold Mine 4x lv10
Stone Quarry 4x lv10

Traps All max
-Spike Trap 20x lv10
-Cannon Trap 6x lv10
-Spring Trap 6x
-Boulder Trap 6x lv3
-Chicken Bomb 6x lv3
-Freeze Trap 6x lv10
-Fireburst Trap 6x lv10
-Poison Trap 6x lv10
-Bug Zapper 6x lv10
-Anti Air 6x lv10
-U.R. Mine 4x lv3
-Dante's Mound 3x lv6
Doors 18x lv10
Reinforced Wall 100x lv11

Imps 6x All max
Gem Veins/Tiles Dug Out 1153x

-Cluck Off lv6
-Dragon Breath lv4 (only this one still in progress)
-Bomb Wall lv11
-Disable Traps lv6
-Lightning Bolt lv6

Minions (all max except Whelp, cause those are useless)
-Skeleton lv10
-Troll lv10
-Bile Demon lv7
-Necromancer lv6
-Warlock lv10
-Vampire lv4
-Ghost lv6
-Mistress lv5
-Whelp lv1

Immortals (raid with Horny/Mort, remainder are sacrificial minions)
-Horny lv26
-Tiny lv1
-D&D lv14
-Swampus lv1
-Mortimer lv35

Bonus Items:
League Dread-5600
DCR 99.5/100 (plus date if at 100)
Minions Donated 67,441
Gold Donated 837.4m
Best streak ~200 back when I was sandbagging
Trophies 5600
Combat Points 1.6m
Hearts broken 3.7k
Plundered 5,717.7m
Highest Trophies Leaderboard: never on it
Highest Combat Pounts Leaderboard: never on it
Highest Heartbreaker leaderboard: never on it
Highest Plunderer leaderboard: #1 because all the other people at #1 fell off
Tutorial Levels very few/50 -- use top level ones to toss minions, never needed the resources
Challenges all but the Otta one because I didn't run it while it was there/38
Exclusive Survival Raids 97/100 (10 more days to go)
Achievements: 49/52 (survival raids and dragon breath lv5+6 to go)
Tournament Bronze 3
Tournament Silver 0
Tournament Gold 0
Horny's Chosen Bronze 0
Horny's Chosen Silver 0
Horny's Chosen Rings 0
Playing Since: Late 2014
Upgraded Minion
Upgraded Minion
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Re: Maxxed Out Club

Postby Black Crag » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:59 pm


I'm now completely maxxed out, including every last immortal level. Anyone else?
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Re: Maxxed Out Club

Postby csajjj » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:53 am

I guess this thread will be well and truly dead for many years...
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