Sandbagging - right or wrong?

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Re: Sandbagging - right or wrong?

Postby Kongar » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:03 pm

Batch sandbagging is a poor method for running a high DCR sandbagger. I believe most are sandbagging continuously.

The previous threads I remember about bot use were accusations of using 3 skeletons to try and beat dungeons... if they lose, it's a sandbag... if they win, gain stars. If anyone is seeing this during a tournament from a high DCR dungeon, be suspicious... perhaps record and report if happening alot.

The sandbaggers I see are operating like old mini dungeons (example: Frotter on heartbreaker leaderboard). Tiny with her accompanying skeletons and/or trolls. Typical method.

Running a sandbagger with a simple bot will result in losing Tiny to another sandbagging dungeon (bad idea).
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