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Re: Bad update

Postby DKDev_Chris » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:14 pm

big_davey_b wrote:Fewer imp tidys this week. Although I was busy this weekend so I couldn’t raid anything like as much. And no getting kicked out, then not being able to get back in due to being raided. So whatever you have implemented there. Thankyou.
Also. I cannot endorse what the previous commenter said. Against DCR 250+ dungeons, the original immortals are now very underpowered. Horney, with a decent rampage running, can just about hold his own. But he is very fragile until you get him going. Deeg is way too fragile, even at level 35. And Swampus just doesn’t do enough damage to anything other than storages, to be anything like effective. All the new workshop levels means that Tiny now has to face way more, and more powerful air defences, without any additional help. And Mortimer. I think he needs some splash damage to make him more equal. Glargyl could do with a stronger attack. But his ink ball seems to be set just fine.

Thanks for the feedback. The team is currently examining Immortal performance, so I'll be sure to pass this along.

Also, if anyone else has any feedback they'd like to share, IE --- which Immortals needs more Health, Power, or changes to their Special Abilities, please feel free to post them here.
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Re: Bad update

Postby Kongar » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:23 pm

Switching between dungeons is cumbersome. Each time I log out from an account I need to wait for my imps to get the dungeon ready. Then I can select the other dungeon to use and wait for the imps to do thier work again. Prior to update it was much faster to switch.

Also, there's a 50/50 chance that the app won't start properly once minimized. Requiring it to be closed and restarted. This also happens if only minimized for a second.

All seems to be related to the Play accounts. Using Samsung s7 with android 7.0. Also happens on my tablets.

And... why is it that when logging into an account that it's immediately placed into the matching pool before I get access? Wanting to play, but need to wait for the attack to complete.
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