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Yes, Change it to 10 guilds via the trophy leaderboard
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No, leave it how it is
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HC Tournament Poll

Postby HellSewercide » Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:57 am

So was thinking about how we could make HC a little more interesting as currently its mainly full of farmers (1 player in a bracket winning gems & dreadstones for a nothing score).

I was thinking if we changed this to the top 10 guilds all based on Trophy leaderboard and improving the rewards to make it worth while more people would fight to progress their guild up the leaderboard.

Something like this:
1st - 15k gems, 3k dreadstones
2nd - 10k gems, 2k dreadstones
3rd - 6k gems, 1.5k dreadstones
4th - 5k gems, 1k dreadstones
5th - 4k gems, 750 dreadstones
6th - 3k gems, 600 dreadstones
7th - 2k gems, 500 dreadstones
8th - 1k gems, 400 dreadstones
9th - 750 gems, 300 dreadstones
10th - 500 gems, 200 dreadstones

Alternatively, Change it to Top 25 guilds qualify automatically for HC and leave the payout the same.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby pitofdespair » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:37 am

At least for our guild, we’d normally rather not be in HC with those rewards. At the low end it’s quite low, and you’d have to fight for every rank.

But yes, speed qualification is a little silly, is a 20 guild lottery for experienced players (even if I personally benefit from it sometimes).
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby JPN Keepers » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:46 am

+1 Our guild does not play in HC.
Normal tournament pays better reward. We are happy not to be chosen by Horney. :D
Also the timing of the speed qualification is often unfair to Asian players.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby goonigoogoo » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:03 am

nice idea.
it definitely needs to be shook up and farmers removed
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Gonjinn » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:58 am

Hi Hell
I think it is a great idea to revamp this HC tournament. But I would prefer much better payout to make it worthwhile for big guilds to participate in it.
As of current, my guild (and probably most) would rather avoid HC because it is unlikely to finish among TOP 3 because of Alliances challenging for them.
In guild tournaments, we usually finish among TOP 3 and they have better payout than HC’s 4th - 10th Placings.

In conclusion, if HC 4th - 10th Place rewards are not attractive, big guilds would rather be playing in Guild tournaments.
Thank you.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Mincho » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:39 am

I do not agree, since it would further distance the high levels from the lows. Since if they wanted to participate in HC would be forced to join a strong guild, which would get 0% of stars.

** The first thing to solve and the developers have not answered;
1) Avoid jumpers during the tournament (I have gone to go second or third being a few hours to finish and an opportunist passes me who only played a couple of hours). This would make the tournament more fair for everyone.
2) Eliminate accounts with low cups, it does not make sense for a player to make an effort to improve his position and for a player with high dcr and low cups to come and in a couple of minutes to make a huge score .......
And to be clear, it is impossible to come a new guild to be among the top 10 (unless that new guild is created by low drinkers or high DCR) ... also has other negative points as getting +1 cup if you win and up to -15 drinks if you lose, even if you are a very low DCR.

**** After solving the two previous points, you can only think about improving other things ... these two points are killing the game and only benefits the old ones

......0...............En español

No estoy de acuerdo, ya que distanciaria mas los niveles altos de los bajos. Ya que si quisieran participar de HC se verían obligados a integrarse a un gremio fuerte, con lo cual sacarían 0% de estrellas.

**Lo primero que hay que solucionar y que los desarrolladores no han dado respuesta;
1) Evitar saltadores durante el torneo (Me ha pasado ir segundo o tercero quedando pocas horas para que finalice y me pasa un oportunista que sólo jugó un par de horas). Esto haría más justo el torneo para todos.
2) Eliminar cuentas con cups bajas, no tiene sentido que un jugador se esfuerce para ir mejorando su pocisión y que venga un jugador con dcr alto y copas bajas y en un par de minutos haga un puntaje descomunal.......
Y para ser claro, es imposible que venga un gremio nuevo a quedar entre los top 10 ( a no ser que ese nuevo gremio sea creado por jugadores de copas bajas o DCR alto)...además tiene otros puntos negativos como obtener +1 copa si ganas y hasta -15 copas si pierdes, aún si eres un DCR muy inferior.

****Luego de solucionar los dos puntos anteriores, recien se puede pensar en mejorar otras cosas....estos dos puntos estan matando el juego y sólo beneficia a los antiguos
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Plague » Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:05 pm

Hc needs a total rethink, unfortunately this doesn't solve the issues.
The biggest problem in hc is the alliances, the same few people jumping from guild to guild to win. The lower places have been filled with farmers for far to long, mainly because the payout for a single player are much better than for a guild of 30. But just increasing the payouts won't stop this.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Gonjinn » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:54 am

Indeed better payout alone won’t be able to stop keepers from farming.
It has to be a combo of top guilds (10/25/?) qualifiers and better HC payout.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Kongar » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:59 pm

Nothing presented above offers a method to prevent farming, only shifts the ability to high trophy players and alliances. Qualify farm with high trophy players, hop to real guild for regular tournament play, not hard.

Perhaps, other methods of winning dreadstones would be a better solution?

    Per tournament per player:
      Top 25 star winners
      Top 10 defensive dungeons (Anti tournament stars)
      Top 50 average stars with over 50 raids.
      Purist player, no refill or revive, top stars.
      Most disconnects
      Most immortal knock outs
      Fastest 3 star victory
      Last guild to qualify
      Most captured immortals or total levels captured.
      Most gems spent
      Most times device was thrown
      Hardest touchscreen press during raid
      Most losses in a row.
      Dreadstone bonus for 3star victory in dread3 vs dread3
      Dreadstone bonus for 3 star victory against trophy leaderboard.

Have some for each league.
Prevent participation with maximum DCR per league.
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Re: HC Tournament Poll

Postby Casa » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:40 am

Something needs to happen.
Always thought that if a guild has zero trophies at tournament atart(qualifier left), that it should be booted from the HC bracket.
Also, increasing the bracket size with 10-20 zero payout slots at the bottom may help with the zero star alliance BS.
If you want to farm, and put up a good effort and hit top 20 or 10 solo, go for it. But vacant guilds just taking up space is complete garbage.
Another option is to kill off the ability to boot players in HC guilds. If you aren't going to use your guild, others should. Don't like not being able to boot? Lock the door. That would also discourage alliance hopping, or at least make it interesting if an alliance is running top slot and half of another group just walk in and start raiding. :)

Also, I agree that there should be another way to get DS. Maybe make the currency converter work both ways. 4 gems convert to one DS or something.
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