EA Required. Necessary

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EA Required. Necessary

Postby NeptusesRevenge » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:29 pm

EA We your most dedicated customers have patiently overlooked a preponderance of both minor and major issues. I am here to make a request that really isn't a suggestion.

It is absolutely necessary that our profile stays active for 7 minutes after we log out!

When the game crashes after an attack but before we are redirected, at onset of attack, upon changing immortals, accessing bolstering, and the many other times we experience crashing events we are attacked before the game re-loads! And every (and I mean EVERY) time I get back in game my immortal has been captured.

Right now I'm in the middle of tournament during the Very Rare ROOM SALE and my primary immortal won't be available for 20 hours because after a successful raid my game crashed. Earlier today the game crashed as I started a raid. The clock was frozen at 99:99 and the colour was glitched. Thankfully the attacker chose to skip me on that occurrence and I was able to re-load. And so I repeat.

EA if you wish to prevent future rage quits Keep Our Profiles Active For 7 Min. After We Are Logged Off. This Really isn't a Suggestion.
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Re: EA Required. Necessary

Postby Mincho » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:14 pm

I find it a very good idea.
It is very unfair that players incur gems expenses to recover their immortal due to a disconnection that is a mistake in the game's programming.

it's something that happens every day-

!!! Leave active extra minutes, it's a simple solution!
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Re: EA Required. Necessary

Postby big_davey_b » Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:27 pm

I cannot agree with this one enough. Even activating a 1 minute cave in after somebody gets kicked out, would give them time to get back into the game. But there is no more frustrating bug in this game, than this one. Thankfully, I am now of a level where 99% of keepers don’t bother trying to raid me. But getting forcibly booted from the game, and then being unable to get back in because the game immediately looks to offer your dungeon to everybody raiding. Is just not a good gaming experience. At its worst. I was booted from the game towards the end of a tourney a few weeks ago. And was unable to get back in until 3 keepers had tried to raid me. All lost. But it cost me a ton of my plunder, and meant I was unable to raid for the last 10 minutes of the tourney.
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