EA stop thinking $ start thinking customers!

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EA stop thinking $ start thinking customers!

Postby Nighteyes/Nosy » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:47 pm

Am I annoyed about the bugs nope these things happen. Am I annoyed that I cleared my weekend to play tourny not really going to spend more time in the real.world might have more fun.
What I am baffled about is that instead of simply missing a week and having more time to fix the bugs. You have decided you dont want to miss the revenue of a tournament or are you rushing things through for our benefit?
Well im going to miss this tournament out I will most likely be back in the blitz tournament. Dont worry though I dont buy gems, I just play lots of hours which causes others to buy gems to compete;-). Fingers crossed the bugs are fixed playing a tourny with bugs is rather annoying. Im off for a run!
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