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Anti-Cheating Changes

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:11 am
by DKDev_Chris
Greetings Keepers,

Since I've been commenting on a bunch of different threads about this, I wanted to consolidate everything related to our recent changes in one place to make it easier for all players to reference.

Recently we became aware of a few exploits, which the team has been working on to resolve. Unfortunately, part of these changes required some updates to the Guild server, so we do apologize for any interruptions to the Tournament this past weekend.

As for the changes, we've recently added a few things to help us identify and prevent players who are exploiting/cheating, as well as adding the ability to 0 out player scores during a tournament without requiring any Guild maintenance. Part of these new changes have already allowed to us identify several players who were cheating during this last tournament, who have since been banned and had their leaderboard and tournament scores 0'd out.

As part of these on-going changes, we have another piece of code that we'll be rolling out later today, but will also require Guild maintenance. We are aiming for a 3pm EST deployment, so the Guild server will be unavailable around this time for approximately 15 minutes.

PS --- Our mid-week promotion (which will be x2 League rewards) will be slightly delayed today while we put everything together, and will be rolled out together with this change.

Re: Anti-Cheating Changes

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:16 pm
by DKDev_Chris
Greetings Keepers,

We will be rolling out some additional anti-cheating changes later today. They are not front-facing so it will not impact game-play in any way.

For any Keepers out there who are cheating, you have been warned. If we detect anything that goes against the Terms of Service Agreement, your accounts will be subject to termination.