UPCOMING CHANGES: Game Update #3 Highlights

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Re: UPCOMING CHANGES: Game Update #3 Highlights

Postby Smokeskin » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:04 am

Chaos5715 wrote:Finally, just woke up and it's updating. Apple must not update apps until midnight. Trolls attack res rooms now? Then what's the point of bile demons?

Nothing much. They have a few advantages: they don't die to firetraps, they can hit doors from 2 tiles away, they'll run past other rooms to get to resource rooms. But those few and situational advantages doesn't warrant them a spot on the team, at all. Trolls are vastly superior. The same goes for skeletons, they're off the team too.

I'm on the fence about necromancers. I'm still bringing a few, but maybe only trolls and warlocks (plus a mistress from the guild) is the way to go.
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