DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

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DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Gene_Mythic » Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:19 pm

Hey, gang!

So rather than go with a "Highlights of..." version of the pending Update, I've decided to go ahead and post the entire Patch Notes. Please bear in mind a few things, though:

1) This is still technically a Draft version. While the vast majority of items included should be incorporated wholesale when the Update goes live, there's still the chance that something may change between now and then. (While I've done my best to verify all entries with the appropriate parties, there's a few items for which I'm awaiting final confirmation, so there might be some minor editing that I do to the Notes before posting the final version. I'll call any out here in this thread, if/when I do, at time of final Notes posting.)

2) This Update looked a bit different during the planning stages several weeks/months ago. As mentioned previously by me in other threads, this particular development cycle was interrupted when we were notified that the studio was going to be closed. The team working on it became much smaller rather suddenly, and as they sought to revise and complete the Update, they were also tasked with many other items (documentation, transition strategy, etc.) All that being said, the team has salvaged what they were able from the original plan for Update #4. We hope you enjoy the efforts to do so!

3) This should go live this week. I'm hoping as early as tomorrow... but I don't want to jinx it. :P

4) To give folks a glimpse into the current schedule: the current plan (and PLEASE keep in mind, this is a *plan*, subject to change) is that there will likely be an Update 4.1, which will focus on incorporating any necessary bug fixes that result from the main Update going live. Then, there should be an Update 4.2, that introduces a few more features that needed a little more time to develop before implementation. No ETA that I can share regarding either 4.1 or 4.2, but as information comes available, I'll do my best to keep folks updated!

5) The transition continues, as both outgoing and incoming teams work together to get things sorted, and to ensure continuity. One little tidbit that I'm maybe a little too excited to keep under my hat any longer is.... drumroll, please... I (and a few of my colleagues) are going to be moving over to the new team that is taking over development of the game! A lot of details are still being worked out, so I can't really say much else... but I'm pretty excited that I get to stay with you guys!

And now on to the nitty gritty: the patch notes for Game Update #4! Once again, these are NOT live yet; I will post separately in the Official Patch & Hotfix Notes folder when the Update goes live.

Ready to be… Challenged?
Client version 1.4.72 (all platforms)
(Be sure to get the new client when it becomes available in your platform's store! For the first 24 hours or so after this update goes live, it will likely be necessary to manually update your game client)

New Features
CHALLENGES – Designed primarily with the new player in mind (but there just might be some “new tricks” that some “old dogs” might learn, as well!), Challenges are “mini-missions” that serve as an ‘extended Tutorial’, where various aspects of game play/mechanics are introduced in short lessons, which unlock game features (Minions, Rooms/Room abilities, Spells, Traps/Trap capacity, boosts, currency, gems, etc.) upon successful completion.

The Challenges themselves are short ‘tutorialized’ raids, where players are provided with a preset army and spell list. Winning a Challenge is totally binary, where players either succeed or fail. There are no costs associated with taking on a particular Challenge!

COMBAT POINTS AS THIRD CURRENCY – Acquired by engaging in PVP combat, this consumable currency will be used to upgrade Dungeon Hearts, as well as recruiting certain Immortals.

HUD/UI CHANGES & RE-DESIGN – In an effort to improve and streamline the user experience, several elements of the User Interface have been updated. See individual entries in the Notes below!


  • New Achievement: All Along the Watchtower (acquired by building the Guard Post; awards 5 gems)
  • New Achievement: Stand Guard (acquired by upgrading your dungeon’s Guard Post; awards 10 gems at level 3, and 25 gems at level 6)
Audio & Art
  • Added new voiceover and audio effects to various UI elements.
  • Added new voiceover and audio effects to Spells.
  • Added additional footfall audio to Immortals.
  • First Strike now increases Spell Damage and Minion Health, Damage, and Speed by 20% when attacking. (Prior to this update, the boost was 10%)
  • Fortification now increases Trap Damage, Room Damage, Room Health, and Minion Health, Damage, and Speed by 20% when defending. (Prior to this update, the boost was 10%)
  • With the exception of Cave-In, Boosts are no longer granted for free after defending against an enemy Keeper’s attack.
Game Mechanics – Dungeon Design & Management
  • Room dimensions for all Gold Mines and Stone Quarries have been reduced to 3x3 (from 5x5). All existing Dungeons will be modified to support this reduction upon login. (The extra space is returned as "already excavated" tiles.) Everyone enjoys a little more ‘wiggle room’, right?
  • Treasury and Warehouse build requirements have changed: Each Treasury now requires that a separate Gold Mine has been claimed and each Warehouse now requires that a separate Stone Quarry has been claimed. (Thus, if you want to build a second Treasury, for example, you’ll need to have claimed a second Gold Mine.) All pre-existing Dungeons that have built more Treasuries and/or Warehouses prior to this change will remain intact.
  • Digging Medium Gem Veins (floor tiles) now requires Dungeon Heart level 3 or higher.
  • Digging Hard Gem Veins (floor tiles) now requires Dungeon Heart level 5 or higher.
  • Earning baseline Victory Stars has slightly changed: Earn one Star for achieving 51% damage dealt, one Star for destroying your enemy’s Dungeon Heart, and one Star for achieving a 100% victory.
  • Initiating a Raid no longer has an associated Gold cost. Seeking another opponent within a Raid via the “Next” button remains unchanged, however.
  • Minion donation cool-down and travel times are now 5 minutes each. (Prior to this update: 20 min)
  • The Minion donation acceleration cost is now 5 Gems. (Prior to this update: 10 gems)
  • The Minion withdrawal cool-down time is now 15 minutes. (Prior to this update: 30 min)
  • The Minion withdrawal acceleration cost is now 10 Gems. (Prior to this update: 20 gems)
  • A maximum of 10 Minions may now be donated at one time. (Prior to this update: 5 Minions)
  • Due to changes to the Guard Post (see the note below, under Rooms), Horny and Swampus are now able to be recruited at Guard Post level 1. All other Immortals require Guard Post level 3.
  • Because Horny and Swampus are now able to be recruited at a lower level than before, they have been rebalanced. Their damage, health, recruit costs, and training costs have been revisited. Preexisting Horny and Swampus Immortals below level 19 will be granted free levels to maintain their equivalent power.
  • Horny now costs 200 Combat Points to Recruit.
  • Deegg & Dugger now cost 1,500 Combat Points to Recruit.
  • Immortals are no longer able to be selected by tapping on the individual Immortal unit in the Dungeon. Selection now occurs only via the UI.
  • Dragon Whelp has undergone a redesign:
    • May now attack Ground and Flying units.
    • Now inhabits 20 Housing Space units. (Previously: 30)
    • Now has two attacks: Stone Crash and Large Fireball:
      • Stone Crash deals 10x of Large Fireball's damage as Physical damage to the intended target. Single use.
      • Large Fireball deals [122/184/246/308, depending on Minion level] Fire damage. 2 sec cool-down; only usable after Stone Crash has been used.
    • Now has [915/1380/1845/2310] Health, depending on trained level.
  • Trolls no longer actively seek out any Trap. If a Trap affects a Troll, however, it will cause the Troll to redirect its attention to it. In the case of Anti-Air Trap, once it is revealed, it will attract the attention of nearby Trolls.
  • Trolls really hate adjacent Doors, and will now attack them.
  • Defending Minions will no longer pursue an enemy if the travel distance is 20+ tiles.
  • Dungeon Hearts now require Combat Points to upgrade, instead of Stone.
  • Workshops now require 5 minutes to upgrade to level 2.
  • Rooms have undergone a new progression cadence. Existing Dungeons that may have already built a Room prior to the new requirements will be unaffected. The new progression is:
    • Dungeon Heart 1: Workshop
    • Dungeon Heart 2: Hatchery
    • Dungeon Heart 3: Training Room & Guard Post
    • Dungeon Heart 4: Dark Library
    • Dungeon Heart 5: Guild Hall
    • Dungeon Heart 6: Graveyard
    • Dungeon Heart 7: Unholy Temple
    • Dungeon Heart 8: Torture Chamber
  • Dark Library adjustments:
  • Guard Post adjustments:
    Note: Training received by Immortals prior to this Update will be retained; those Immortals will keep their pre-Update level.
  • Guild Lair adjustments:
  • Graveyard adjustments:
    Note: Affected targets will also be Poisoned, taking 5 Poison damage every 1s for 6s.
  • Unholy Temple adjustments:
    Note: Affected targets are Slowed, reducing Movement and Attack Speeds to 25% of normal, for a duration of 2 seconds.
  • Torture Chamber adjustments:
  • Spells have undergone a new progression cadence. Existing Dungeons that may have already researched a Spell prior to the new requirement will be unaffected.
    • Dark Library level 1: Cluck Off!
    • Dark Library level 2: Dragon’s Breath
    • Dark Library level 3: Bomb Wall
    • Dark Library level 4: Disable Trap
    • Dark Library level 5: Thunderbolt
  • All Spells have undergone a significant rework to their usability, balance, and user interface elements:
    • All Spells
      • Camera movement is enabled by two-finger dragging.
      • Activation time limit removed. This means that players are able to remain in Active Spell Mode until one of the following three things occurs: the limiting condition is met (i.e., the allowable taps/uses have been 'consumed', or the 'fuel' for Dragon's Breath runs out, etc.), remaining Raid time elapses, or the player elected to end the Spell early.
    • Cluck Off!
      • Deals [100/125/150/175/200] Physical damage per tap, depending on Spell level
      • Improved tap detection for better accuracy.
      • Each activation allows [10/10/15/15/20] Taps, depending on Spell level
      • Chicken-ed Minions and Immortals will continue to attack as normal.
      • Spell activation cost is 50 mana, for all levels.
    • Dragon Breath
      • Deals [25/35/45/55/70] Fire damage every 0.25s, depending on Spell level
      • Increased the area-of-effect radius.
      • Each activation allows a cumulative 5 seconds of Spell usage.
      • Doors now take 5x damage from this Spell; however, it no longer affects other Traps.
      • Spell activation cost is 100 mana, for all levels.
    • Bomb Wall
      • The area-of-effect radius is now 1x1 for all levels.
      • Spell activation cost is 100 mana, for all levels.
    • Disable Trap
      • All Traps now require a single Tap to disable.
      • Improved the Tap detection for better accuracy.
      • Each activation allows [2/2/2/2/3] Trap disables, depending on Spell level.
      • Traps able to be disabled are now governed by the level of this Spell.
        • Level 1: Spike, Cannon, Fireburst, Spring, Boulder, and Freeze Traps.
        • Level 2: Same as Level 1, with the addition of Poison Traps.
        • Level 3: Same as Level 2, with the addition of Anti-Air Traps.
        • Levels 4 & 5: All Traps.
      • Spell activation cost is 200 mana, for all levels.
    • Thunderbolt
      • Only targets Rooms (excluding Gold Mines and Stone Quarries).
      • Each activation allows three Rooms to be marked.
      • Deals [270/390/580/1100/1550] Electricity damage to each affected Room, depending on Spell level.
      • Affected Rooms now have their defenses disabled for [10/12/14/16/20] seconds, depending on Spell level.
      • Spell activation cost is 150 mana, for all levels.
      • No longer displays in Defend raids.
  • Reinforced Walls now have the following Stone costs:
    Level 1 – 5,000
    Level 2 – 15,000
    Level 3 – 30,000
    Level 4 – 90,000
    Level 5 – 270,000
    Level 6 – 700,000
    Level 7 – 1,500,000
    Level 8 – 3,000,000
    Level 9 – 5,000,000
    Level 10 – 6,500,000

  • Traps have undergone a new progression cadence. Existing Dungeons that may have already built a Trap prior to the new requirement will be unaffected.
    • Workshop level 1: Spike & Cannon
    • Workshop level 2: Door & Fireburst
    • Workshop level 3: Freezing & Spring
    • Workshop level 4: Poison & Chicken Bomb
    • Workshop level 5: Boulder & Reinforced Wall
    • Workshop level 6: Bug Zapper
    • Workshop level 7: Anti-Air
  • Additional Trap capacity requirements moved off of Gold Mines and Stone Quarries, and are now tied directly to the Workshop level.
  • Chicken Bomb Trap is now upgradable to level two.
    • Level two costs 50,000 Gold and will rearm for a 25,000 Gold cost.
    • Deals [450/900] Physical damage to all affected targets, depending on Spell level.
  • Boulder Trap is now upgradable to level two.
    • Level two costs 50,000 Gold and will rearm for a 25,000 Gold cost.
    • Deals [280/360] Physical damage to all affected targets, depending on Spell level.
  • During the Tutorial, Trolls have been replaced with Skeletons.
User Interface
  • All drop-down menus have been replaced with tabbed panels.
  • We’ve removed the floating icon above the Dungeon Heart pertaining to available Summoning space.
  • Combat Points now have their own UI element on the main HUD during Build Mode.
  • We’ve improved the Attack and Defend Replays window. Now accessible via the main HUD during Build Mode, via the icon above the Build button.
  • Within the Imps window, each Imp slot now displays the duration to which the Efficiency Boost is set when slapped.
  • We’ve added help dialogs onto Gold, Stone, and Combat Points UI elements. Tap on these elements during Build Mode to view information about these resources, including generation rates and capacities.
  • Removed the shortcut button to access the "Boosts" store from the main HUD during Build Mode.
  • Reduced opacity on fill bars to increase the Dungeon's visible area.
  • Removed the "Ready to Go?" window. All information previously available in this window is now displayed in the "Battle" window.
  • Renamed "Find Opponent" to "Raid".
  • The gem window is now outfitted with some ambient audio and visual effects.
Bug Fixes

Audio & Art
  • Corrected an issue where notification sounds were not always playing on some Samsung devices.
  • Horny now properly plays sound appropriately when burning and/or electrified.
Game Performance
  • Identified and corrected an issue where the game could crash during a Replay under some circumstances.
  • The Withdraw window is no longer accessible if Guild functionality is unavailable.
  • Rescued Immortals are now immediately available for use.
  • Fixed an issue where the active Immortal would be incorrectly grayed out and unusable during a Raid.
  • Corrected a display issue where Deegg & Dugger would “drift” in some Replay playbacks.
  • Deegg & Dugger’s Burrow behavior now respects attack speed modifiers.
  • Corrected an issue where Horny’s Rampage behavior was not always being activated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon Whelp was incorrectly vulnerable to Electricity damage.
  • Fixed the “target bleeding” issue with Minions, where they would sometimes incorrectly acquire targets of preexisting Minions rather than find their own.
  • Minions no longer split between equidistant targets. Upon the Raid starting, all Minions will choose one route or the other and follow that.
  • Minions no longer wander through walls to disconnected portions of a dungeon.
  • The “F.T.U.E. Complete” achievement is now claimable when visiting the Achievements window for the first time during the tutorial.
User Interface
  • Playing the game on a new device with an existing Dungeon will no longer redisplay game hints.
  • We’ve improved the camera’s field of vision for the bottommost portion of a Dungeon.
  • We corrected a Leaderboard issue where Guild member count was displaying as 0 in some situations.

Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby froman420 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:54 pm

Thanks for posting this early! I'm glad to hear you're staying on with us! Some very interesting changes, a dungeon overhaul will be in order I think. Happy to see dungeon keeper moving forward!

I would have liked to see something done for the poor little vampires and those imps that are slacking off though, hopefully that's next!
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Logan's Run » Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:57 pm

Let me also say thank you, I'm impressed. I hope things kick off as planned. So without further ado, let's introduce the complainers.
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Honour » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:00 pm

One major question. It says dungeons who have not claimed gold mines and quarries but have built storage rooms will not be affected. I hate to say it but if that is true then all of those "grandfathered" dungeons will have a huge advantage over any newer dungeons forced to claim mines to advance especially since it also states that trap capacity will no longer be tied to mines and quarries.
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Dr. BL » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:17 pm

+1 on the vampires... as of right now they are just unusable.
I am a big fan of the changes to the spells, it's a true game changer.
Still not a fan (and Logan I think you are with me on this) of the new star system.

Overall really excited, and glad to hear you'll stick around! (I know I appear as a newbie, but I am actually a fairly long-standing player, I only recently registered)
Dr. BL
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Kingdom » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:42 pm

Well it seems to be an exciting update ^^ !

However I have some questions to Gene/dev team :
• Does the "Maxed level per dungeon heart level" of the differents buildings changed ? Because with these adjustements (1 new building per DH level) it changes the entire progression ? (If yes coule you please give the list ?)
• Does the Immortal training has been moved from the training room ? Or the Guard post is only a requirement ? (And does the new guard post has also new design at each level 0.0 ?)
• Does single use traps level (chicken bomb and boulder) are a one time upgrade ?
• What are the new prices of the Immortals ? And of dungeon hearts levels ?
• Does the combat points are only for DH upgrades and buying Immortal (or also training) ? Combat points used still count in Guild achievement, or are totally removed ?
• Still no mistress in Torture chamber :/ ?
• Do you think that you'll implement a dig mode off from preventing unwilled dig ? And/or for iddle imps ?

Thank you a log for your answers and sorry for bad english (french ^^)
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Cesspool » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:59 pm

Such a deep and rich set of changes. This is going to make the game very exciting to play again.

The return to single wall unit flexibility of the BW spell and reduced mana cost will make it very versatile.

With whelps, are they the new deeg now? It seems that the stone crush attack with say 3 or 4 whelps will allow a single room to be taken out almost immediately to act as a base to launch an attack.

The 'room stun' function of the thunderbolt spell is huge. Huge. Most of us have our powerful rooms clustered to overlap. With even a level one tbolt spell you can stun three of those rooms for 10 sec. Combine that with a mistress-fueled troll/swampus rush and you can do a ton of damage in a hurry.
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Alleo3 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:13 pm

I like everything with the exception of no free boosts after a successful or unsuccessful dungeon defense. I'm glad you can only disable 3 traps and that it now costs 200 mana but to take away the scouting/fortification/first strike boost completely seems harsh. I used to make sure my stone quarries were full to lure attackers such that I could get a boost and now that strategy will have to change. I would imagine other keepers did the same and now we may see less stone available during raids.

I am currently 2 spells away from level 5 disbale trap :( ... Makes me wish I spent the last 2 months building up my bomb wall spell instead of disable trap. To think of all the hours I spent waking up at night to spend 5 disable traps in a small campaign is Heartbreaking, so much time and effort down the drain. Although it was being over used so I think it was a good fix. Also spent weeks upgrading tiny which would have been better invested on deeg dugger.

I was really hoping they would add a gem reward for trophy levels above 3200 but I'll keep my fingers crossed for update 4.1

All in all its a good set of changes and I look forward to developing new strategies... No more tiny bys on,oh dungeon unless you wanna spend 400 mana minimum.

Thanks for the early notes!
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby Logan's Run » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:16 pm

Dr. BL wrote:Still not a fan (and Logan I think you are with me on this) of the new star system.

I like change. Change is good. I do not agree with you, Dr. BL.
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Re: DISCUSSION: Update #4 Patch Notes & General Update

Postby D!G » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:35 pm

Well this is good news. Thanks for updating us. Happy that you and some others from the original team are staying.

Your post has so many changes hard to digest it all, but I look forward to playing with the new tweaks.

Any possibility to include minion withdrawal stats?
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