Some of new bugs

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Some of new bugs

Postby Azkaban Rus » Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:16 am

1 - loss of all mana between raids after rebuild an army for gems(it happened before, but only 1-3 mana was lost, not all) - after win without mana(because you don’t have it) it costs like all the time - 1-3 gems, and you still have 0 mana at the next raid, but when you quit fight and enter you dg you have all mana
2 - more than 5 attacks to be caved in - some times when i enter the game i see 5 wins not in revenge and lost my immortal, but after my revenges to all these players my immortal don’t come back, also we all can see that we had more than 5 attacks if we will make screenshot before quitting and after enter, or counting resources
3 - some of my friends had more than 1 defeat in a row and only after that they had cave in for more than 24 hours like their cave in was summarize (i saw screenshots)
4 - few times i entered to my dg and won raid, then the game kicked me out and when i entered the next time i had 1 more defense that was just when i did my raid, my troops were all in, my mana were full and there wasn’t repeat of my attack, just like i didn’t do it
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Re: Some of new bugs

Postby Waltz » Wed Nov 20, 2019 3:22 am

There are too much questions
There aren’t answers
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