In game request to rate DK

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In game request to rate DK

Postby Smellypuppy » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:40 pm

The request to rate the game from in game is a good thing but it is messed up!
So, please fix unless you don't want to recruit bad ratings, specifically while rating the game have the dungeon be protected by micro cave in or something.
You don't want a disconnect and get your immo in use stolen because you rate the app! I am giving the benefit of the doubt that this is a bug because no one would request a rating and then on purpose have this feedback. I am a long time player and know the won lines of the game and I am pissed off! Can't imagine what a newbie would think or react like with this experience.

Usually it's rate this game and we'll give you something nice or give it 5 stars and you get power up X. This is called good marketing - as opposed to your rate this app popup, hello??? Marketing 101, hellllo?
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