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FAQ: The League of Evil

Postby Gene_Mythic » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:51 am

Just what is the League of Evil?
The League of Evil is a competitive 'ladder system' that recognizes and rewards PVP prowess and excellence. Players are divided into brackets based on their ELO (Trophies); as their trophies count changes, so, too, will their standing in the ranks... sometimes up, sometimes down. (Pro tip: you want it to go up.) Each bracket/rank awards various currency bonuses upon achieving successful PVP victories. Players also receive a one-time Gem reward via the Achievement system as they promote through the ranks.

Where can I find information about my League of Evil standing?
The UI for the League of Evil is accessed via the Leaderboard HUD icon. When any change to a player’s League occurs, the Leaderboard element is badged (with a red exclamation point!).

Can you tell me more about the individual brackets/ranks?
There are 14 different ranks, each with a "minimum trophies threshold", a "maximum trophies threshold", and a "demotion threshold". The minimum threshold is the minimum number of trophies required to attain a particular rank; the maximum threshold is the upper limit of trophies for a particular rank; and the demotion threshold is the number of trophies that, once a player's trophy count falls below, they are demoted to the previous rank.


You mentioned something about currency bonuses?
One of the more tangible rewards for ascending through the various ranks of the League are the bonuses you get to Gold, Stone and Combat Point rewards upon achieving PVP victories. The table below outlines those bonuses:


And what was that about Gem rewards?
Each time a player advances into a new bracket/rank for the first time, they unlock the associated Achievement and its accompanying gem reward. Like so:


So what happens if I enter the League with enough trophies to qualify for Gold-1 rank? Do I lose out on all the gems that I would have gotten making my way there?
Nope! You'll be credited all Achievements leading up to that rank, as well as the applicable gem rewards.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, Keepers. It's GOOD to be BAD! So get your League on!!


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