What's Up With These Long "Phantom Raids"?

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What's Up With These Long "Phantom Raids"?

Postby bokuju » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:22 pm

whether i raid, revenge, whatever, DK just crashes. and when it reboots it's always being raided for 5-15 minutes. sometimes i am attacked 3-5 times, sometimes not at all.

i wonder if i would even be raided if DK wasn't so preoccupied with these pretend "raids". pretty weird to be "attacked" for 10+ minutes without ever actually being attacked. also more than a little annoying, pointless, sophomoric, and esp tiresome during literally every tournament.

it's indicated on this forum that you don't have resources to fix your bugs, but still sucks!
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Re: What's Up With These Long "Phantom Raids"?

Postby Kongar » Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:21 pm

The crash is a bug.

I suspect the long wait to get back into your dungeon is from multiple players viewing it and deciding not to attack. I keep mashing the button to try again. A nice fix would be automatically giving the dungeon back, out of matching pool, ince the current attempt has ceased.

Or... a player getting your dungeon and taking no action, 4 minutes just for the timers to run out. A simple way to take a break and not get timed out or attacked.

An excellent fix would be a five minute delay before being placed into the matching pool. But... that's been suggested multiple times without action.
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