Why I copied Azkaban’s dungeon?

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Re: Why I copied Azkaban’s dungeon?

Postby Kongar » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:48 pm

The lack of a patent or trademark has left your intellectual property open to legal theft. I suggest retaining a good lawyer before further dungeon modifications.

Did you even attempt to document the date of discovery? Please post images of your notebook.

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Re: Why I copied Azkaban’s dungeon?

Postby HellSewercide » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:55 am


Yes, so people have played for 5 years and what you have done in 1.5 years isn't special. Let me explain why. The people that played in the beginning know that the time it takes now to get 88m resources was the same to get 6m back in the beginning. Veterans have upgraded their walls and traps at the hardest point where getting 6m use to take at least an hour raiding in tournaments. Throughout the years they have done this. You playing 3.5 years later the game was made easier for you. They reduced the time, they reduced resources needed. they increased the amount of resources available to be stolen. (in the old days 1m stolen was a WOW in a raid) You played the game on EASY where all the long time players played it on HARD. Also, it's worth noting that out of the 5 years, veterans had their dungeon MAXED on at least 3 occasions, so probably about 2 years of that is them doing nothing. Many retire at this point and take breaks, like me, I took 1.5 year break as I had nothing to do in the game.


Regarding your comment about Azkabans dungeon, moving a trap here or there doesn't mean you didn't copy it! you still plagiarised 99% of it, all buildings and walls are in the same position. That just shows you're not, and I quote "SMART" as you think you are as you can't even design your own dungeon!

You say you win podiums, but you need help, you wouldn't stand a chance 1 vs 1 against most of the active DK players. You got spanked last week by a solo player, he had double your score.

Regarding resources and attacking, veterans dont play in the week, few revenges and daily gems is all we want, we don't need resources, we all have max gold and nothing to spend it on. Why would we attack a low player like you that has no resources??

Also, why do you visit Sewercide on a weekly basis? is that what you do, run around everyones guilds to test dungeons because if you haven't had 30 attempts for free you will lose!! If you want to attack us, go ahead, it gives us something to laugh about when you lose.


The DK community loves players like you, after all someone needs to pay EA and your pay to win strategy is welcome, shame after all of it you still are not as good as the non paying players!

Coming to the FORUM and claiming how great you are and mocking others is just stupid.

So in summary comparing you to other players:
You don't have the best spell book
You don't have the best traps
You don't have max minions
You don't have max immortals
You don't have max walls
You can't score faster than others
You can't score higher than others
You've not won a HC for your own guild
You can't design your own dungeon

You pay to win and you still haven't accomplished anything :) Do you even have max mines? I didn't think so!
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Re: Why I copied Azkaban’s dungeon?

Postby Mincho » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:35 pm


jajaj Hell I think it came frothing out of your mouth, are you okay? :lol: :lol:

*I think that as a photographer you are the best footballer :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:


That was 50 levels ago ... what has caught my attention is having occupied so much mana :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

* But many still do not reach room 30 and I see them all active weeks. I have not played in the week for 3 months, only to leave the traps in improvement and the weekend to improve the room.
* Why did I visit you? here my answer;

- Because since I knew the type of person you were, that without knowing me, without having visited you before, you had the nerve to invent with many of my allies that I was passing information from Spain (yes Spain, the guild that helped me grow and to be better, I would never hit him with a stab in the back).
Trying to leave another person wrong with lies speaks very badly of you as a person and a player .... they never believed you ... if it were true you show my conversation in some chat with you :geek:
"Since that day I'm glad to pass your guild to bother you.
*At this point I do not need to go to guilds, all dungeons are winnable
*** I have won several first places playing alone. Again you are wrong



* The last tournament is true I was second, but it is not that I have doubled, I only played on Saturday. Sunday only 5 battles.
* The last ante is true I was second playing only against several players, but I only played Saturday with 230,000 stars and that same day (Saturday) I spent congratulating them on a secondary account and I mentioned that I was not going to keep scoring;)
* In what you are right is that many players score more than me and there are many ...... ... but I do not know if the same DCR and they are high trophies like me :). If they are from the same DCR and high trophies and they make more than 600,000 stars it is because they do more than me;)
I do not compare, I just like to mention growth. But I mention the year that I've been playing, since I've spent a lot of players in DCR and active dungeons. (Today I only play followed Saturday and sometimes Sunday, in the week only to leave the minions in traps)
HC, yes I won playing in Spain, so again you're wrong.

Attack me please, I really want to do + 51% .... the problem is that you never attack me ... My nickname is Mincho in case you did not know it ajaja, I'll be waiting for you: b
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Re: Why I copied Azkaban’s dungeon?

Postby JPN Keepers » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:57 am

Azkaban's dungeon is very nicely designed.
It is ok to copy his design without his approval. There is no regulation, trade mark and license.
Copying a good design is the best way to learn both raid and defense.
But do not forget to show some respects to the designer. Give him a credit that he deserves.
JPN Keepers
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