Guilds are dying

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Re: Guilds are dying

Postby Gonjinn » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:19 pm

Going back to subject proper, can we give additional rewards to guilds with 5 participating members or more?
I do not know what is a good amount in order to entice players to play together and yet not overly excessive.

Let’s say:
For guilds with
X participating Members gets additional X dreadstones for each member

5 participating Members gets additional 5 dreadstones for each member
25 participating Members gets additional 25 dreadstones for each member
50 participating Members gets additional 50 dreadstones for each member

50 x 50 dreadstones = 2500 dreadstones which is above the current qty of dreadstones for HC winner.
But in current context, we all know you can’t find a guild with all 50 participating members!
So, X+Y where Y is some fix number, might be more attractive.

This is in additional to the current prize rewards.
And by having them distributed evenly, it will also encourage low scorers to join a big guild as they will have additional incentives if they participate in tournaments.
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Re: Guilds are dying

Postby Gunbladelad » Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:24 pm

The only reason I wound up starting a guild for myself is that I'm fed up getting barely even half of what I need for upgrades and losing over 80% of it simply because I can't do more than a raid or two daily.

At least with my own guild I can use the cash to try and get other boosts and (hopefully) present a very uninviting resource-poor dungeon by shoving every bit of gold I can to the perks. I shouldn't have to do that, but it's literally the only way I can make ANY progress at all, even if it'll take years doing it myself.
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