Change to raid resource limit fails in purpose

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Change to raid resource limit fails in purpose

Postby retreat_of_shade » Thu May 16, 2019 10:01 am

Good morning,
The reduction in maximum raided resources for lower level dungeons (i.e. me) is great! Except that now the dungeons I can raid at my level also have reduced resources that can be taken. So now we've made it 2x harder to get resources from raids, but I still get hit just as often but less taken.....so there is no advantage for lower dungeons.
We either need to have the game match raided resources without taking from the raided person, and/or the bonuses for successful raids need to be MUCH higher and the winning streak vastly increased to make raiding worth it.

For me it's not worth raiding anymore 'cause it opens me up (cancels cave in). I'm better off to sit slowly and gather resources from mines. Therefore no reason to play anymore.
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