El juego se cierra automaticamente

El juego se cierra automaticamente

Postby Alone1205 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 5:35 pm

Hola moderadores, en este dia no he podido entrar al juego, se cierra automaticamente, no quiero perder el avance porfavor ayudenme, estare esperando su respuesta. Gracias
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Re: El juego se cierra automaticamente

Postby Astaroth » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:06 pm

Same problem here for the last few days. The app crashes after displaying the EA splash screen.

What device are you using to access the game? (if you use more than one, please provide the information for all devices used, and an indication as to whether or not the problem you're experiencing is consistent across all devices)

Google Pixel 3a

What OS, and what version number?

Android 10 latest with all security updates. Build: QQ1A.200205.002

What version of DK are you currently running?

Latest (1.8.94)

How are you connecting to the internet? (WiFi, cellular, etc.)

Wifi + cellular, both through VPN

What is the storage situation on your device? Are you near max capacity?

70% used, 20GB free.

Do you have several other apps running in the background on your device? Have you tried reducing the number? If so, does this seem to have an appreciable effect on your experience?

Cleaned up all other apps, still having the same issue. It worked fine before with other apps running.

Have you recently tried rebooting your device, to see if this affects your experience?

To no avail.
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